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newbie - February 10

I know most of you have heard about Anna nicole Smith's death and if you haven't turn on the t.v. because it is everywhere! Well, I was watching a show on her death and it had a few clips of her talking about her son's death and how she was scared that he didn't know where to go and that she's didn't understand why God to him and not her, and before I realized it I was crying. I don't know if it's the thought of myself being in that situation with my dd or if it's just the thought of someone passing, but I never thought that the death or life for that matter would ever impact me in that way. It's so sad. For someone who I never paid two cents to tabloid or t.v. wise I really believe she was a good mother.


dee23 - February 10

well, just to be the cold one, good riddens to her. thats one less heartless s___t we dont need in this world.im just happy that the millions of dollars she stole off of that poor old man will now be given back to his family, its rightfull owners. i would have hated to see her daughter follow in her footsteps, poor little girl....maybe now she has a chance to get her head out of the 'hair, makeup, playboy' gutter, and get stuck into respect, smartness and a normal self image.


flower.momma - February 10

That was cruel. And poor old man. HA! No one forced that guy to marry her. He had free will, OBVIOUSLY knew that she was marrying for money, and married her anyway. Just to get a piece of tail. I hate it when people a__sume that elderly people are as innocent as lambs. They both manipulated and used each other for their own purposes. Sucks for the family, but she didn't steal their money, the old man sold them out for some T&A.


BaileysMummy - February 10

How harsh dee. I agree newbie that she was a good mother, there are plenty of photos around of her and her son...he didn't seem to have any grudges against her. No mother deserves to lose a child, nor a child lose their mother. From the videos I have seen, she seemed like a sweet person (sometimes a bit dumb, but that could have been a blonde act). I don't believe she 'stole' her husbands money. I thought it was left to her and his sons where fighting for it. She probably made him happy in his last years, so she deserved something.


KLC - February 10

Flower momma I agree totally. I also think that she was a good mother. Who are any of we to speak ill of her parenting skills when we didn't even know the woman. I think heartless s___t is cruel and uncalled for Dee.


sahmof3 - February 10

I feel sorry for her. She seemed to have totally lost herself... whoever she was before fame. Guess there's a lot that money can't buy!


luviduvi - February 10

I agree that she has made some choices I would have never made, but she a "hollywood" girl. I here EVERYTHING is different over there. I this she really loved her son. You hardly ever saw her w/o him and NO ONE should ever know what it is like to lose a child. I believe she was honestly grieving over her son. It has only been like 5 months since he had pa__sed......She probably died of a broken heart.


ash2 - February 10

Im not going to be as harsh as dee, but i never really liked her. She was into drugs really bad, which is probably how her DS got into them . She got into hollywood the wrong way. I feel sorry that she died, but im glad her daughter is going to be rasied by someone else. Ecpecially with all this debate not knowing who the daddy is.


mandee25 - February 10

This is probably dumb but I wonder if all those TrimSpa pills she took to lose weight may have some blame in her death? I agree it is sad and I hope her poor little girl gets a loving family to raise her.



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