OT Sort Of Vent Does Your Hubby SNORE

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ConnorsMommy - January 31

Mine does!!! Sometimes it's SOOOOOOO LOUD! It used to not bug me so much but ever since I got pregnant again sometimes it's so annoying that I sleep on the couch in the living room! We've tried everything (except surgery) to keep him from snoring (breathe right strips, throat sprays, etc.) And I've tried ear plugs, but I can still hear him.. Am I alone in this?!?.. If anyone knows some miracle to stop snoring, please tell me!


Ca__sJ - January 31

Is he overweight? In one of my health cla__ses we talked about how if a heavy person looses weight it can eliminate snoring.


Elle - January 31

Mine does! It is so freaking annoying. GRR! I know what you are going through. I find that his snoring is worse when he is sleeping on his back. When I nudge him and he moves to his side, the snoring miraculously stops. I used to go to bed before him so I could fall asleep before he did, and I wouldn't have to listen to the snoring. I know that's not always possible though. Good luck to you - I know you need some solid rest as you are caring for a little one and expecting again. Try not to kill him...I know it's tempting during those dark sleepless nights...KIDDING!


Hana - January 31

YYYYEEEESSSS AND IM SOOOOO MADDD!!! lol I cant sleep sometimes..he tells me to wake him up as sleeping on his left side makes it stop...but he always rolls over so im constantly waking him up to roll back....and sometimes he snores when he's on his left side so i dont bother waking him up coz it'll start again lol I get seriously annoyed. He has tried this nasal spray thing and it somewhat works, but the left side is much more effective. I feel for ya i really do. Oh and it also happens to start as i am falling asleep lol


Hana - January 31

oh and last night the baby kept waking up and when he slept it was my dh's turn to snore and when dh snoring stopped ds starts to cry...i wanted to kill them both and to top it off when i asked my dh to watch the baby in the morning before going into work(he works half day on weds) for an hour so i can catch up sleep he said he was too busy AAGGHHH


krnj - January 31

OMG I know how you feel! It's soooo annoying!!! I wear earplugs every night too. They help but I still hear him. My dh isn't overweight either. He went for that sleep apnea test and he has a mild case of it. They wanted him to get this mouthpiece but he didn't want to wear it. We've tried everything else too. Sometimes I hear ds snoring over the monitor, but that's cute! Dh's snoring is not! LOL Let me know if you find something that works!


Deirdra - January 31

Ladies...my dears i was in the same boat as you but we (me and dh have fixed the promlem...have your men tested for sleep apnea...snoring can lead to not breathing in their sleep...my husband is now on a CPAP machine...which forces him to breathe at nhight...and guess what? TADA!!! no snoring...its wonderfull...plus he is so much more rested...oh and the emphazie how bad he did snore...his nickname is THE YETI!!!


ConnorsMommy - January 31

LOL!! The YETI!!!... and lol Elle, sometimes I am tempted during those dark sleepless nights!! haha, JK! ;) Ca__sj-yes, he's overweight, but even when he wasn't overweight he still snored like a beast! lol... Hana- my dh's trick to make him stop USED to be sleeping on his stomach, but even that doesn't work anymore =( I guess it'd be a good idea to get him tested for sleep apnea.. his dad has it but he's not on a machine or anything for it (so i guess it's a mild case)... who do i call to ask about sleep apnea testing? the family doctor?


EricaG - January 31

Ugh, Matt snores horribly, especially when he's on his back. The wierdest thing is that he'll start snoring and I'll nudge him and say "honey, turn on your side, you're snoring" and he'll completely deny that he was even asleep.


Deirdra - January 31

Yes call your normal dr and he will get an appt. to discuss it with the dr and then they will set up whats call sleep study youllge t a ton of information on it...but basically he goes to a center but its like a hotel room and then they hook up to all theses monitors and fi you have sleep apnea they wake you up and give you a machine to see how that helsp...sometimes you have to go more then once than goodness...


Deirdra - January 31

Erica thats a very strong point of apnea...thats one of my Ddh's problems...talk to his dr...


srigles - February 1

YES!!!!! It's so loud that I've actually been sleeping on the couch every now and then, and he can STILL keep me awake from the bedroom! He starts snoring really loud only seconds after shutting his eyes, and continues to wake the dead if he's on his back, his side, his, stomach, with a pillow over his head... (lol). People laugh when they hear me complain about it, but it really is a huge problem. We've tried breathe right strips, the "nose plug" thingie they've advertised on TV, and finally my DH went to the doctor about it. He's supposed to try and lose some weight, and then doctor also gave him a prescription for Nasonex. That stuff is fantastic! He still snores, but it's definitely tolerable now. Apparently it doesn't work for everyone, but luckily it's working for us so far. Might want to ask your dr. about it and see if it could be an option.... Good luck! I really sympathize!


ConnorsMommy - February 1

srigles- nasonex is normally used for allergies, right? I'll definitely call our family doctor tomorrow and mention it along with getting him tested for sleep apnea. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I'll do anything to get a good nights sleep!!... I can hear him snoring right now lol.. and i'm in the office!!! ahhh!


mandee25 - February 1

I wish I had that miracle cure for my husband's snoring. Before pregnancy I usually fell asleep before him into a deep sleep but now he goes to bed first and I don't sleep as sound because I am now a mom. His snoring drives me insane because I don't get much sleep as it is. I have had nights where I just sleep on the couch or in the spare room.



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