OT Starting A New Fun Thread

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ash2 - February 7

Okay ladies, anyone that watches movies or has a " movie night " with their family ...list any new or almost new releases on the thread so we can be sure to watch them on next movie night....i will begin..." gridion gang " was an awesome movie and a good message too.....


Rhiannon - February 7

I watched "An Inconvienient Truth" the doc_mentary narrated by Al Gore and OMG, it terrified me. I was skeptical at first and I thought it would be boring, but it really really scared me. So worth watching.


Ca__sJ - February 7

I love the Tyler Perry's Madea movies. I have seen Dairy of a mad black woman and Madea's family reunion. They are too funny.


Rhiannon - February 7

Diary??? LOL


Rabbits07 - February 7

The End of the Spear....great movie of inspiration with a message of hope, love and endurance.


Ca__sJ - February 7

haha. Yeah, diary not milk.


KLC - February 7

My kids loved the Ant Bully. Good message too.


ash2 - February 7

Has anyone seen happy feet ?


piratesmermaid - February 7

I thought "The Illusionist" was really good. But I'm really looking forward to when "The Prestige" comes out on DVD.


ash2 - February 7

another good movie i saw was " world trade center ".....


melissa g. - February 7

hey piratesmermaid! me too! I thought The Illusionist was great, love anything with Edward Norton, but I'm really psyched to see The Prestige! I also recently saw Little Miss Sunshine, SO funny!


Mellissa - February 7

My hubby and I have movie night so my choices are for adults. We saw The Departed a couple weeks ago. By far the BEST Leonardo DiCaprio movie ever! And we just saw The Messengers... it freaked me out, but it was a good movie. Ash2, how was Happy Feet? I want to get that for Rylee when it comes out. Was it good for a 3 year old, do you think?


eclipse - February 8

An Inconvenient Truth was excellent, Rhiannon, made me switch my lights to fluorescents :) I just got Netflix and saw Memento for the first time. Not a family movie, but really good. One of my all time favorite family movies is A Princess Bride-I can recite it. A Neverending Story is up there as well.


BreaunasMommy - February 8

me and dh watch movies all the time and we buy new dvds almost every tuesday when they come out.anywho Saw 3 was perty good and texas chainsaw ma__sacre the beginning but that one is very bloody and gory. The descent has been out for a few weeks but if you havent seen it that is a good movie. We really like horror movies lol. The devil wears prada is also really good that one is a chick flick. umm thats all i can think of for now


sophandbob - February 8

We recently went to see 'night at the museum' the other day and I thought it was really good. Simple watching, funny, all the story is nicely wrapped up. A really easy going movie, only hampered by the presence of ricky gervais.


sahmof3 - February 8

I just bought "Girl Interrupted" but haven't seen it yet!


DeeJay - February 8

I watch alot of IFC movies and just saw "Buffalo Soldiers", it was pretty good. I also just saw "Saw 3" I also like horrror, but I saw Scarry movie 4 first and it spoofed the beginning of Saw3, so that was all I could think of (it had Dr. Phil) so I was laughing as people were getting body parts cut off. hehe!!!



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