OT Storms Again

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piratesmermaid - February 28

From MO to LA, they're forcasting more severe weather with possible STRONG tornadoes!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! This had better not be a weekly thing!! THank goodness in 10 days we are out of AR for good!!! We just gotta get through this storm system. aurorabunny??


piratesmermaid - February 28

Anyone else dreading this system? I know it's causing more blizzards in the north.


Emily - February 28

I am not liking it. We are still a bit chily so any weather we get is snow or freezing rain or sleet. I have Feb/March! I would not mind so much if it were warmer and we got jsut rain and dare I say it piratesmermaid, but T-storms......I dont mind them myslef. You could come stay with us! we would be a pair. I would be out on the porch watching the clouds and the rain and you would be held up in my bas____nt!


aurorabunny - February 28

Ahhhh Pirates I was just getting ready to post to YOU!! F**K!! And weather channel dot com isnt' giving me any good information so I have to wait until the 5 oclock news comes on. Let's pray that it will really turn out to be nothing like last week, I REALLY do not want to go to mil's in preperation to spend the night again. Last week when we did it we had to make 2 trips (mountain of baby stuff, dogs, dog crates, etc) and it was SUCH a pain in the b___t. *sigh*. I didn't know you were moving though, where to? Maybe we should get IM or something so we can talk to each other when this c___p is happening lol...


piratesmermaid - February 28

So true, Emily!! ;) Actually, aurorabunny, our house is in Wyoming, we've just been down here in Little Rock for an "extended business trip". What was only supposed to be 3months, has turned into almost 6. So while our house is buried under about a mile of snow by now, we're here in a weeny apt, know no bodt getting tornados! What is up w/ this d**n weather?????


soon2bemomof3 - February 28

yeah, we are supposed to get ice/sleet/snow today through friday morning. Ughhh, and we're traveling on friday for about a 4 hour trip, d__n well better have the roads in good condition for travel. I'll be a basket case!!!! Last weekend we got pounded with 10 1/2 " of snow. BLEAH!!!! Come on spring!


piratesmermaid - February 28

Possible DEADLY TWISTERS in Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. I will hide in a stranger's bas____nt if I have too!!!!


aurorabunny - February 28

Well we are once again packing everything up to spend the night at the in-laws. *sigh*. Our local meteorologists are suggestion that people in our area sleep in their bas____nts, and I have NEVER heard them say that before, so I am pretty freaked out. Luckily our inlaws have a very finished bas____nt complete with 2 bedrooms...so that's exactly what we'll be doing. I will not have computer access over there but if you want to e-mail me pirates, I will give you my cell number if you'd like to stay in touch.....cementblue at yahoo dot com. I will say a prayer for you guys...I'm so PISSED that this stuff is starting so early this year. Good luck everbody. =(


piratesmermaid - February 28

I just emailed you, aurorabunny. Be safe, and drive safely over there.


Danielle19 - February 28

i know how you feel im in the north and were about to get another blizzard, and snow and icey weather scares me, and it make sme even more nervous because Dh, and my mother are going to be gone for the week, dh on business and my mom on vacation so me and jordan will be all along, im secretly prayer there flights get cancelled


amber508 - March 1

I hate these storms.... it seems like we just got over the last major snow storm here in Cleveland OH and now we're getting rain/t-storms (And hopefully NO tornadoes!!!!) I am from CA but moved to OH 4 yrs ago, and I have a STRONG fear of Tornados... even to the point of nightmares about them! Speaking of which, I just had a nightmare about tornados two nights ago..... Should I be worried?? lol


mcatherine - March 1

Goodness - all of you be safe! Pirates - I will be thinking of you guys and hoping that all is well!


kristap - March 1

Hey! I'm in Southern Indiana... They are forcasting the same tornados that went through kansas mo today! Yay for me!


piratesmermaid - March 1

Oh gosh, be safe and be prepared!! Keep us updated if you can.



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