OT Stressed About Hubby S Job Situation

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Kara H. - January 24

Ok, I haven't posted about this because it has all been just too raw. A couple of months back hubby had to report dishonest/unethical actions of his immidate boss. The guy got a slap on the wrist. That guy got another promotion into a hire/fire position and first thing he did before lunch on his first day in the position was to demote my hubby down four pay grades. He cut our income in HALF. I threw up when I found out. My poor hubby did sleep for days. Well the new guy they hired for my hubby's position quit on the first day. They asked hubby to take the posistion back "temporarily" until they could find anther person for the job. Hubby said yes since it would bring in his old wages a little longer. We immidiately started networking like crazy and he called a couple of headhunters that had contacted him over the last couple of years. He started interview for a job that was the same pay, maybe more since it is hourly instead of his current salaried position (he works 70-80 hours a week). It has great benefits and is much closer to home. Hubby currently works 1.5 hours away. He would automatically gain 2 extra hours home a day even if he worked the same long 12 hour days. We were so scared that he wouldn't get an offer since they are training another person for his old job. Well he got the offer today and its more money than the said they were offering, which is really great. I cried for about a hour I was so happy and relieved. But, here's the problem. They don't want him to start until 2/13/07 because the person that would train him is off for medical reasons, but they are requesting permission to contact hubby's current employer for attendance records and such. And they want the names and phone numbers of people underneith him to talk to them for references as to the type of boss that hubby is. He is supposed to call the HR person back at the new company with this info tomorrow. Also they are running a credit check on us as well and talking to our neighbors about our charater. The offer is contengient on all this stuff. We haven't fied bankruptcy or anything but we do have lots of medical bills from my difficult pregnancy and I was late paying some bills when I was off on bed rest for 4 months which ate up all my time I had allotted for maternity leave and I went without pay for couple of months. I feel like they shouldn't have made him the offer with so many contengencies. Not to mention that, but as soon as his current empoyer gets a phone call from this new company they are going to walk him to the door and we will be without pay for 2 wks until the new job starts. I don't know what hubby should tell this HR person tomorrow, but I feel they are asking too much with gauranteeing to little.


jillianT - January 24

oh wow. you guys must be so stressed out. i don't know what else to say except that i'll keep my fingers crossed and i'll say a prayer for your family. i hope everything works out the way you want it.


Rabbits07 - January 25

I understand your stress. My niece had heard that her sompnay she worked for was going to be doing large large scale layo ffs. So she applied at a few other places. Turned out she wasn't one of the ones getting a pink slip, but then one of the places that she had applied contacted the company for a pre-interview reference and she got fired. When dh talks to HR tomorrow I would ask them if they could please do their credit checks and other things before talking to current employer....to lease leave that for last. I would explain that he knows he will be let go once they contact them and since he isn't able to start there until mid Feb (I wouldn't talk to them as if I thought there mioght be some reason I wouldn't get the job) he still needs his current employ for as long as possible. Hopefully the HR officer will be the compa__sionate and understanding type.


EMBERBABY - January 25

Yes Kara, This must really be stressful, maybe if you dh levels with the hr rep he will understand and like Rabbits said "leave it for last." It's terrible that you dh boss is an unethical a$$. But good luck to you guys!


shelly - January 25

kara thats awful,I cant believe they do so many checks,especially talking to your neigbours about your charactor,i think thats wrong,yes they are asking to much, if your hubby explains to hr that he will lose the money for the last 2 weeks,until he starts at the new place because once they find out like you said hes out the door so at least he can get the last two weeks money, i also think its a breach of yur privacy doing a credit check,it dosent affect his ability to do his job whatever the credit check shows and not many people has got a spotless one, its a shame he cant report the boss that did that in the beggining.sounds like he will be much better off in the new place , good luck kara.


sahmof3 - January 25

Hmm... that is strange about talking to your neighbors. I know so many people that have problems with their neighbors and it desn't reflect on their personality! (Not that I'm saying you have probs with yours, just that that is an odd route to go as far as checking a background). Anyway, as for the rest... I hope it all turns out well for you. Rabbits has a good suggestion there about asking them to hold off on contacting your dh's current employer until later.


Aimes - January 25

Kara- as far as I know when they contact the former employer, all they can say is that your husband either worked there or not. They legally cannot say anything bad about him. I am sure they can comment on his attendance, but his boss can't bring up anything personal like the dishonest report your DH made against him. Also, I don't think his current company can fire him for looking at other opportunities, and if so, I wonder if he could file for unemployment? I am no expert, so I may be totally wrong about them being able to fire him, but I know that they can't "bash" him to another employer. Good luck and keep us posted


Kara H. - January 25

Update - Chris talked to he HR lady and told her that his offer was congent upon the completion of all of his paperwork being approved. They didn't bring up contacting his old company and neither did hubby. He talked to the headhunter and the headhunter and already tipped off the new company that Chris would probably not agree to the calling the old company. They want him bad enough they decided not to push the issue. As for contacting the neighbors, it is common when applying for a position where you will privy to lots of trade secrets and in upper management. And yes, we have crazy old neighbors that don't like us, but they are so crazy I don't think it will hurt us too much. - Aimes - It would be nice if his old company cared about legalities. We actually have been talking to an attorney because his was a retaliation demotion for internal whistle-b__wing. He should have been protected since the guy he reported was cheating hourly employees out of overtime wages to cover his own b___t for the time discrepancy for when he got the hooker and went to a hotel on a business trip. This company even pa__sed out calenders with naked women AND the company logo on it to all their MALE employees. Since nobody has ever sued them over this stuff they think they are untouchable. The company started out as a mom&pop company and has since grown in 8 years to over 600 employees. There are rumors that the owner is a big coke head and has big drug parties for his inner circle. It would't suprize me a bit if it were true. Chris has tried to leave this company so many times, but they pay him so well that we would be taking a huge pay cut if he went anywhere else. I have been trying to find another job to bring in more income so he could take less. Which is why this new job would be so great - it is at least the same amount of money if not more, and we ill be saving about $4000 a year just is gas!


Kara H. - January 28

Update - The headhunter Chris was working with got ahold of the company's HR manager and told her that if she really wanted Chris, don't make an issue out of contacting his current employer. She followed his advice and did not ask Chris for the contact info. We find out tomorrow if the offer is finalized. Feeling really anxious.


CyndiG - January 28

Kara, good luck! I've said a prayer for you and dh. I also prayed for sleep for you two tonight! Let us know!


jillianT - January 28

kara that is so great! sounds like he's got it in the bag. :D


shelly - January 28

good luck for tommorrow kara,hope it goes well.


Kara H. - January 29

HE GOT THE JOB!!!!! He's is putting in his resignation today. We completely expect them to walk him, which is fine with us. The new company said he can start whenever he wants.


shelly - January 29

fantastic kara,thats a relief,am so glad for you,you will be able to relax now and hes much better of than being at the other place,alls well that ends well.


piratesmermaid - January 29

That does seem like an awful lot of different checks on your family for a job. Something is really fishy. But I understand you need the job. Hmm.... This company that is doing all these checks and wants to hire your hubby, do as much research as you can into this company, because after what you've said, I'd be suspicious. I know he'll probalby not want to, but could your hubby get a job at like a grocery store, or something like that until ya'll get back on your feet if you need it? I know my hubby was applying for jobs bagging groceries and delivering newspapers just for extra money because things were so tight with the medical bills (we're like you, late payments, a couple of missed payments with all the pregnancy bills) and I couldn't work... Then his boss sent us to AR with a slight pay raise for a couple months, but when we get back home, hubby's pay will go back down (crazy, I know) so I'll have to get a job. Oh, I so hope things work out for ya'll.


piratesmermaid - January 29

Oh good!!!! I posted before reading your updates! Yea!!!!!!


Kara H. - January 29

pirates - Unfortunately, it is common when you are being considered for an upper management position or one that will make you privy to trade secrets, which both apply to this job. They want to make sure you aren't going to sell their technology to a compet_tor. It is an large global company with lots of subsidiaries. The benefits are staggering, which we are so excited about. His current (until next week) job is terrible corrupt and abusive to their employees. We would have walked thru fire if the new company has asked us too. And we would have taken less money too, just to get him out of his job.



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