OT Stretchmarks

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Erica - December 16

How long did it take for your stretch marks to go away/fade after you gave birth. If you were so lucky to get them hehe. Im using the cocoa butter for stretch marks and not getting great results? Anything else out there that works? Thanks:)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

I used cocoa b___ter everyday. I got stretch marks on my b___bs first, at about 5 mos pregnant, then not on my belly until about 8 mos. The last few weeks, I got a whole belly full of them. They are starting to fade a little. Lucas is 4 mos, but I don't think anything can really prevent or make them go away!


lisa - December 16

I looked like a red and white zebra by the end of my pregnancy, belly,b___bs and even thighs!!! but now they are fading alot, my baby is 6 weeks ive made no effort with trying to loose them, no cream, i think the key is just to tone up your skin again with sit up type exercises, i used to work with this guy who got realy overweight and ma__sive purple stretcjhmarks, he lost the weight and now has no stretch marks, that motivates me


Heidi - December 16

I didn't get any but I still have that big brown line up my belly! When does that go away???


Erica - December 16

Thanks for you responses!! It just sucks because their starting to fade but it seems like they will never completely go, Im 19 so Id like to think Ill wear a bathing suit at least a couple of times more.


soleil - December 16

Ive tried everything and nothing has worked, i dont have them on my stomach, but i have a bunch on my legs.


Kristina - December 16

lol erica I feel your pain!! I am young d__nit, I don't want to throw my bikini in the back of the closet! =P I am thinking about looking into that lazor surgery for stretchmarks...but only after I know I'm all done having kids! =)


newmom - December 16

Luckly i didn't had any...i even gave my cocoa b___ter lotion to my friend coz i didn't needed it at all..


C - December 16

My son is 8 months and mine are faded. I do use the cocoa b___ter for strech marks. I get the generic formula sold at Walgreens. CHEAP and works just as well. Now I just need to lose the rest of my belly fat and I'll be back to normal.


qwert - December 17

i did laser. v beam and cooltouch and IPL to be precise. i started when my bb was 3 mths. now he is 10 mths. i go every 5wks


brittany - December 17

I use mederma 3 times a day... it works great i had dark purple strech marks and now they are a VERY light pink. stuff works great.



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