OT The Tanning Bed Is Calling My Name

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Kara H. - February 23

I have no vices except for one - the tanning bed. I gave it up two years ago after having a suspicious spot biopsied (turned out to be nothing) and I had noticed little lines forming around my eyes. I use Fake Bake self tanner - which is an awsome product - but its not the same. Its Feb and its cold. My ichy winter skin and achy cold bones are crying out of the deep penatrated warmth that only artifical sun can provide. I miss going so much. I would always feel that I had just had a little mini tropical vacation when ever I went. I don't want skin cancer and I don't want to look old before my time, but I miss it so much this time of year. Sigh...


mcatherine - February 23

I am sighing with you, Kara :o(


Shea - February 23

I LOVE tanning too :( Since I work, I don't want to give up any time w/ ds for tanning, and I tell myself that it's a silly expense I don't need. But the whole experience is so relaxing...


Jennifer28 - February 23

*sigh* myself, ladies. I agree with Shea. I just can't justify the extra 45 minutes away from dd. Not to mention it is horribly bad for your skin. But it is sooo relaxing. Almost too relaxing. I fall asleep almost every time I go. TG spring is right around the corner. I miss the warm sun, too.


ashtynsmom - February 23

I am with you ladies, only I give in to my desire!! I go on my lunch hour at work, so I am not taking time away from dd. We have a tanning spa right around the corner and it is $18 a month, unlimited. only go once a week, at most- just to get some much needed relaxation time and warmth! It is one vice I cannot give up!!


Erynn21 - February 23

OMG-I am so with you the salon I used to work at had 2 and I would go in this time of year and do it about 4x's and then be done. Last year I was pg and worked in a new salon w/out one. I had to get some color, so I used Jergen's Natural glow, but it is not the same, although it does make my skin look awesome.


Kara H. - February 23

If you liked Jergens, you will love Fake Bake. When I was first introduced to it, you could only get it thru a dermatologist, now I get it at the supply house. It literally looks like store bought fudge icing. You put in on before bed. You will look like the lady from Somthing About Mary, but because it is so dark and thick you can see if you have it on even. In the morning, you hop in the shower and about 2/3 of the color will wash off and the most natural looking color is left behind. I am extremely fair and usually tan to a peach color and it looks just like that. My coworker tans really well to a dark golden brown and she can get the same natural color just be using it an extra day. I only reapply once a week. It is the best one I have ever used, and I have used them all!


Erynn21 - February 23

KaraH who's it by? I know I have seen it in my supply catalogs, I just can't remember which one. That is so funny about There's Something About Mary, that lady is so scary looking. I tan like your co-worker really dark golden brown, w/ some peachy undertones, I get an awesome tan in the summer. Right now I NEED that so bad, I look all washed out and gross. Oh I have another beauty supply question, I am looking for that "perfect" espresso bean brown color for my hair, I am a level 4w/ some gray, have been using a Kadus 4/77 w/ some 4/0 for gray coverage. It's working well, but thought since you're a hairstylist would bounce this off you. I'm just curious if there's something else for me to try.


jwhite - February 23

I go during my lunch break.... so I don't miss anytime with my dd. I love it, I'm addicted that is the one thing I hated giving up when I was pregnant..


cae - February 23

It is also like a mini tropical vacation for me as well. But I do not go often. I already have an olive skin complexion, so when I go I do get tan quickly. I usually only maybe once or twice a month. Sometimes more depending if my DH and I have big plans for the weekend going to a party, vacation, etc. It is soo relaxing.


EMBERBABY - February 23

Hey Kara, I am currently using neutragena's foam and Loreal's sublime. They work all right but looking for something better. Which fake bake do you use (gel, lotion, mousse)? I would love to use a tanning bed but the whole premature wrinkles-thing. So sometimes I do the sunless spray booth but it's getting too expensive. I am hispanic (fair skinned) but tan really easily so I end up with a farmer's tan which I hate. That is why I constantly try to even my skin out =0)


shelly - February 23

god i love sunbeds,i used to go on once a week before i was pregnant and i went on one for 8 minutes the other day.ds is 7 months so been ages,i felt like i was coming hom when i was in there,i know its not got for you but theres nothing like the feeling of the heat.roll on summer


Kara H. - February 23

The company's name is Fake Bake. I buy it at Victory, but I know there supply houses go buy different names in different states. My card is blue and lime green and says something like Cosmo Prof on it. Their website is fakebake4salons (dot) com. I use thd lotion, but I recommend buying the whole kit. It includes the lotion, polisher (exfoiating product) and Smoothie Spray, which you spray on your dry spots before applying the product. Those two products really give you a great finished look thats super even. You will want to use gloves to apply it. I just use those yellow kitchen gloves and I rinse then and toss them under the bathoom sink to dry.


krnj - February 23

I used to love tanning beds, and lying in the sun until both my father and previous husband died of melanoma!! Sorry I don't mean to scare anyone but tanning beds really are bad news.


Kara H. - February 23

Erynn - As for your haircolor question, I really like Matrix SoColor. Their "50" series has great grey penetration. It runs about a half shade dark, so if you usually use a 4W you would probably want to mix the 505W and the 504W. The rest of the SoColor line runs fairly true to level. SoColor just introduced a new Mocha line that is really pretty. You may like 4M mixed with the 505W. Since you are not super grey, I'm sure you would have no trouble with coverage with a 50/50 mix.


Kara H. - February 23

Also - I pull really warm so I use the 5A and 4N. It produces what I would call a true neutral brown. Not ashy, not warm - which is a pretty awsome thing since everything turns bra__sy on my head! I bleach out a front panel (I have a long heavy bang I swoop to the side - about bottom lip length) then I tone with 8A and 8N to create this cool med blond. Cool tones are so hard with most lines, but I have no problem with getting *pretty* cool ash tones with SoColor. Its not the most gentle color I have used (leaves permed hair a little on the dry side), but I like the tonal results I get with it.


HannahBaby - February 24

O i miss it too. I was a tan-a-holic! I went EVERY SINGLE DAY except christmas and thanksgiving for TWO years straight. Now that i have babies I cannot willingly and knowingly expose myself to something that is proven to cause cancer. I hate being white, but its better than being dead.



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