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missy - January 31

I really want to get my 4 year old son into some kind of sport this year. He has lots and lots of energy-I really think sometimes he has adhd--and I think a sport would be good for him. My question is I was thinking about karate or soccer if anyone has any experience with either I would really appreciate any thoughts--or if anyone has a different suggestion. He doesnt like to sit still so I think t-ball is out of the question b/c of being in the outfield. Thanks for your input in advance!!!


Nerdy Girl - January 31

I would recommend Taekwondo over Karate. I have a lot of experience with Taekwondo and its great for kids. It's non-agressive and teaches kids to only use it when their life is threatened. It's not something to use when you get mad on the playground, you know? And taekwondo teaches respect and self-discipline.


in the woods - January 31

I think ANY sport is good for the kids. My dd is an energetic 3.5 y.o. - she goes to ballet cla__sess and I see she jumps and runs around when other girls do girly pirhuettes etc. I am planning to enroll her into gymnastics at 4 - together with her brother who is 2 now. I can see they need an outlet for their energy. They are going to attend swim cla__sess, too. I think team sports (soccer) will develop social correlation in addition to athleticism - so, in a word, any sport is good.


falafal0 - January 31

We have four children, 10, 8, 4 and 5 months. I don't know what it migt be called in the states, but here in Australia it's called Little Athletics- all the sports rolled into one and they LOVE it. Running, jumping, training, javeline, those types of things. Outside of this, which goes through summer, we do soccer and tennis in the relevant seasons, because they have asked to do them. We tried ballet with our 4 year old daughter, and like 'in the woods', she just jumped and thumped around. We were told jazz ballet might be more her thing, something with beats! Anything that gets them socializing while having fun is great.


marie7 - January 31

I have a very energetic 4 yr old ds, he is enrolled at My Gym. He has a cla__s each week and can go to 2 free plays. He has been doing this since he was 2 and loves it. They do gymnastics and races and fun stuff.


BriannasMummy - January 31

I have a 4 year old dd that LOVES soccer. If he has lots of energy and wants to run.. thats the one for him! Where I am they have little teams around the city.. and they all get together in a huge field on wednesday to have the children play. Its awesome! ~Kristin~


missy - February 1

Thanks ladies--Nerdy Girl what exactly do they do at Taekwondo--those who kids do soccer- do they play every weekend??Thanks


sahmof3 - February 1

I'd love to know the answer about soccer, too (how often they play)... I just signed my 6 yo up and he starts in April. I have no idea what to expect.


Nerdy Girl - February 1

TKD is probably the same sort of physical activity they do in karate, but taught in a very different way. The kids I know who have done karate are very aggressive physically and pick fights to show how "tough" they are. Think of the movie Karate Kid and how the tough karate guys at school were always picking fights and kicking everyone's a__s, while Ralph Maccchio and Pat Morita were studying more as "self defense." They were doing the same physical moves and positions, but with an extremely different philosophy. It's a movie, but there is a bit of truth to that piece of it. Taekwondo is truly positioned as self-defense, and a non-aggressive art. The kids are required to show respect for adults, bow when they enter the studio, etc. The 5 basic principles (tenants) of Taekwondo that are taught everywhere are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. I got my black belt at age 13... this stuff is just ingrained in me because I practiced it my whole childhood.


Nerdy Girl - February 1

But as far as exactly what they do regarding time committments - you would have to check with a TKD studio in your area. One near me has a kids cla__s at 4pm everyday, and you can choose how many days a week you want your child to do. A lot of TKD schools also have "branch locations", where they send one of their black belts to teach a kids cla__s at the YMCA or park district. Then those kids come to the main TKD studio to do the promotion tests, where they get their next belt ranking.


kellens mom - February 1

My best friend and her children are in taekwondo. The learn about mental strength, courage, respect and self-discipline...along with other things. I agree with Nerdy girl that taekwondo is a great sport. Especially for building confidence. It worked wonders for my brothers when we were growing up (mom told me I was too involved in other things to do it too! So I have no personal experience...but maybe someday.)


soon2bemomof3 - February 1

my dd has always been in soccer which is a fun sport but if you want something where he gets a good amount of discipline go for Taekwondo like nerdy girl says, excellent sport, a little expensive but worth it.


ash2 - February 1

My DS is 4 years old, and we put him in soccer last year..HE LOVED IT ! We are putting him in T-ball this year in the spring and he is fixing to start another season of soccer. I do believe any sport for children builds self confidence and skill. Keeping and starting children in sports at a very young age is very beneficial. They tend to take that to high school and keeps them out of trouble . Also if they really have pa__sion for the sport they will do whatever they can to stay in it. Including keeping their grades up and being at home on time when you ask them too : ) I also reccomend karate. Preferably kung-fu. It teaches better skills IMO. For boys and girls it teaches great defense lessons which today with " bullies " and attackers on young girls, it could definantly come in handy... hope i have helped : )



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