OT Thursday

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Narcissus - December 15

I am so happy!! We had a huge ice storm and not only did dh go to work late, he is on his way home as I type!! Rockin!!! This morning, we layed in bed at 6:30am and Aja, who also woke up, hung out with us while we watched the days closings on tv. We kissed Aja all over his head and face till he fell back asleep, snuggled against us. I've never seen him so content. Today is a beautiful day:)


Shannon - December 15

awww, how nice. :-)


Jadyns Mommy - December 15

Dangit, Im jealous... I grew up in Wisconsin and I LOVED snow days and ice storms because that meant a nice lazy snuggle day. We are in Southern Cali now so I dont think even the hardest wishing is gonna make that happen. Have fun :-)


monica - December 15

you lucky lucky girl....I am from california and things like that never happen here....in fact its sunny outside. But I would love to be in bed cuddling with my kids...any hubby.


Jamie - December 15

lol monica - any hubby or and hubby? LOL...I'm jealous, too - even if there's a huge ice storm, DH still has to go to work...stupid army...but I do get to cuddle with the Renmeister.


CEM - December 15

Isn't that the best thing in the world? Snuggling in bed with the 2 loves of your life? Four in my case!! It's so amazing! I love nestling my nose in the folds of my baby's neck, nibbling on his cheeks, and sniffing his little bean! Nothing beats it!


monica - December 15

CEM thats so true...Hmm am I the only one that loves my babies breathe? Gosh I could smell all day...


FF - December 15

Narcissus, that's such a nice picture! The sweetest thing happened here a couple of days ago... Brody woke up, smiled at me, grabbed a big handful of my hair, and fell right back asleep! I know I need to put him in his own bed sooner or later, but I would really miss the snuggles!


newmom - December 15

Well we are getting the winter bad weather over here too but DH won't skip his job in no way coz he is the owner and without him nothing will work...lucky you..i'm glade for you..: )


Deana - December 16

So I read your post, and thought, that snarky, lucky b___h.... and today we're having a snow day! My husband just called and he's on his way home!! Woo-hoo!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

I know I will so miss when my son no longer sleeps with me. His little head rests on my chest, and he grabs my pj's to make sure I can't escape. I would stay in bed and snuggle with him all day long! I also love when he grabs both sides of my face and pulls me into his face for a big, open mouthed, sloppy wet kiss. Those are the best kisses in the world!


Narcissus - December 16

Love sloppy kisses!! Deanna, thats wonderful! Dh's work lost power yesterday so they had no choice but to leave. We watched a movie, snuggled, played with Aja, ate an early dinner. I could live like that everyday!



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