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Kristina - January 27

Ok, I know I already started an albertan thread but now I want to start another one about those cheques! What are you all spending your money on? =) We are spending ours on a trip home to BC! YAY! I am so excited!!! =)


Jen A - January 27

I think that is an excellent way to spend your money... lol... I live in BC!


CEM - January 27

Say hi to BC for me Kristina!! I miss it so much : (. Whereabouts in BC will you be going? I'm from Vancouver (East Van to be more precise). I love Alberta too, though, I've been there lots and have a few friends there still! What cheque are you talking about, baby bonus? GST, PST? It's been so long, I almost can't remember....


Kristina - January 27

The cheques I am reffering to is the Alberta surplus...it's new this year..the alberta gov. made lots of money so they are giving some of it back to the people. $400 for every person including babies born before dec.31/2005. =) I am originally from the kootenays..a small place called Trail! =) Hey Jen A, where in BC are you from??


CEM - January 27

Kootenays, yes, they are beautiful! You really must miss it, being that Alberta is so different. And no mountains! I'm in flat old Denmark here and I am suffering some major mountain withdrawal! No mountains is like being in a room without a window : (. We used to vacation lots in Hope, and the Okanagan.


Kristina - January 27

Yes the Kootenays are gorgeous! I miss it SO bad!!! But, the ecomony sucks (even though they have so much in BC, they just haven't figured out hot to utilize it properly) Seriously, in Trail..you were d__n lucky to get a job at McDonalds. Nice place though, if you have a good education so you can actually get a job =)


Cora - January 27

Our cheque is being sent back to BC, but we're staying here...lol :( When we were back in BC over xmas holidays, we came home to a dead, stinky fridge...so my mother lent us the money to buy a new one. So our whole cheque has to go to her. But Gabby and I are going back home to BC next month, but later in the month. yay ! :)


Chelsey - January 27

Kristina, have the cheques been sent out yet? I think I'll be shopping with mine!


desiree - January 27

Hey, Kristina! We are from Grand Forks!!! Don't you miss it sooo bad! I know we do. We spent 3 gorgeous weeks there in July. These checks.....I only found out today that babies get then, too. I think I will save mine for a trip to GF as well. We now live near Edmonton...Camrose right now, but I'm dreaming of the day when we can move back to the valley!!!!


Cora - January 27

Some of the cheques have been sent out, I talked to a gf this morning in Calgary and she received theirs yesterday.


LilMum - January 27

I haven't decided yet.. I am spending some on bills. I want to buy some clothes for the kids too.. I don't know what else. When are they coming out? I heard that people have gotten theirs already, but no one I know has.


Chelsey - January 27

Nobody I know has gotten theirs either.... hhhhhmmmmmm!


Jen A - January 28

I live up north in Prince George. Most people don't come this way, but I really like it up here.


Cora - January 28

Hey Jen A, I am from 100 Mile House, & my fiance is from Williams Lake. But we're stuck in Alberta for right now...more work here :(


Kristina - January 30

omg desieree...you must have heard of Trail then! That's so crazy!!! =) And now you live close to me again!! CREEPY. lol are you stalking me? =) I hope we get our cheque today! Will be checking the mail soon! eek! =D


Chelsey - January 30

I got my cheque today!!!!!! $1600!!!!!! Hope you all get yours soon!!!!!


desiree - January 30

Maybe you are stalking me!! lol just kidding, yes we used to shop in Trail often, my ex boyfriend also had a brother who lived there, so we visited all the time. I loved driving around the hills and looking at the neat little houses.



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