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Brittany - January 21

Hey girls, I don't know how many of you have time to relax and read with how busy your kiddlies keep you haha. I find time throughout the day and before bed though, my friend recommended something borrowed, something blue, and baby proof...all three books were written by Emily Giffin. I've heard alot of good things about these books so I'm excited to read them! I don't read much because I have to find a book that sparks interest and these three books sounded really good since two of them are about family/pregnancy drama and babies and what not. Has anyone read these? And does anyone have any other good chic lit recommendations lol?


vonzo - January 21

I read all the time (if i get a moment to myself) I tend to go for gruesome books though i'm afraid. I'm very into forensics and profiling so read a few textbooky type books. I also love crime novels. I read a few chick books when i was pregnant and not working, can't remember for the life of me the authors though, i'll go dig them out and get back to you... Oh i'm also a sucker for Joan Collins!


AshleyB - January 21

I love the book " The Guardian" or "Guardian" by nicholas sparks! Its a thriller but has love/romance, and drama in it too. Its my favorite book. Also if you like dogs, you'll love it!


Brittany - January 21



Nerdy Girl - January 21

Ashley, did you read "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks? OMG, I bawled my eyes out.


Nerdy Girl - January 21

Sorry, I hit submit too fast. I know this is not really the exact type of "chick lit" you mean, but I am a huge fan of Patricia Cornwell's "Kay Scarpetta" series. They are crime novels and the main character is a very strong female character who is both a lawyer and MD. If you read the books in the order Cornwell wrote them, you can also follow along with the interesting twists and turns of Kay Scarpetta's love life. I found out about this series years ago when I went on a business trip to U of Tennesse and was told about the Body Farm that was there and how it was part of Patricia Cornwell's Body Farm book. I didn't know what the hell the Body Farm was, but the people at the university explained to me that it was a forensics training center. They have large grounds with different climate domes, sand, lakes, etc. And they study the effects of the elements on decaying bodies so that they can solve murders. Creepy, but interesting. Interesting enough to get me to read the book. Cornwell "The Body Farm" was the first one I read, and I liked it so much that then I just devoured all of the rest.


SuzieQ - January 21

HUGE recommendation - "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon! It's the first of the series of 6 books I believe. I've read it several times and LOVE it!!!


Kara H. - January 21

One of my favorite Chick Lit books is "Dirty Girl Social Club". It sort of like a hispanic version of S_x and the City. Good book. I also liked" Lovely Bones". Its about a young girl that is raped murdered, goes to heaven and watches her family struggle with her loss. The way she discribes heaven is very different than I had imagined it, but it is also comforting. "Life of Pi" is one of my all time favorite books. It isn't a chick book, but its really good. It is based on a true story. A 16 yr old boy is traveling across the pacific with his family and the animals from the zoo his family had owned in India. They were headed for Canada to start a new life when the boat sinks. The boy ends up stuck on a life boat with a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. In the authors notes at the beginning of the book it tells how the author came apon Pi's story. He meets an old man at a cafe in India who tells him that he is going to him a story that will make him believe in God...its the story of the "Life of Pi"


krc - January 21

Well I love The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice !!! Every now and then an escape from reality is nice!!!! She wrote Interview with a Vampire!


shelly - January 22

has anyone read the shopoholics series by sophie kinsella ,its real escapisim chick lit,from here from maternity by sinead moriarty is also good and is great to relate to if pregnant or recently have been,martina cole is a big hit in the uk altho her books are a little gritty. at the moment i am reading random family by adrian le blanc,its about familys living in the bronx ,i cant put it down.has anyone read it,i always find time to read.for baby reads i loved toddler taming for when my eldest was that age,some good ideas.


bchflwr - January 22

The shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella is great, but I just loved her book Can you Keep a Secret. It is one of my faves and so funny! Kara H. If you liked lovely bones try Emma and Me ( or is it Me and Emma? one of those) A great read!


LisaB - January 22

Ilove books I read a ton and I haven't read anything great lately but I will second Kara on the Life of Pi a great great book. Lovely Bones is also great I like Anita Shreeve alot she wrote the Pilots Wife which Lifetime did a bad movie of it. She also wrote the Weight of Water and about 10 morw all of which I've read. Basically anything that was on Oprahs book club I'm all over. Keep on coming with more suggestions please I only go to the library now so its hard to tell when new stuff comes in so I need t_tles!!


piratesmermaid - January 22

Heck yeah, Nerdy Girl! "The Body Farm" was the first one I read too, and HAD to have the rest of 'em! 'Course right now my favorite are Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody mysteries. I think there's 18 now? THey start with "Crocodile on the Sandbank" and the latest one is "Tomb of the Golden Bird". It's about an British Egyptologist family in the late 1800s early 1900s. They are FABOULOUS!!


Shea - January 22

I love Nora Roberts. I used to read TONS ( a book ever two or three days, now of course I am luck to read a chapter every couple of days.) and she has written so many books that it took me a while to catch up, but she is one of the best if romance is your interest. I have to have a happy ending.


austinsmom - January 22

This is my kind of thread!!! Hey NERDY GIRL yes the bodyfarm......I think it is so interesting!!!! I live about 20 miles from it and have never got to see it in person and boy is that sad!!! There is a book out by the guy who runs the body farm and it takes place just up north of me still in tennessee I believe it is called Carved In Bone by Dr. Ba__s. I think I am right but I highly reccomend this book to all those who like Patricia Cornwell"s Kay Scarpetta series and forensics. I have lately been reading light and airy books (romances) and I especially like Sandra Brown novels because they have a plot and the juicy stuff. I read everything I can get my hands ahold of......Yardsales are great places to pick up good books for cheap!!!! This is a great thread I am enjoying learning about other good authors.


sahmof3 - January 22

I love Tom Clancy novels ;-) I read them before I saw the movies based on them because I like to have my own images before they get overrun with someone else's.


Rans - January 22

I have read all three, something borrowed, something blue and baby proof, all good books. I just finished shopaholic and sister, pretty good, and am reading plum loving by janet evanovich right now, love the stephanie plum series. thanks for all the tips on good reads, always looking for a good one!



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