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rl- - February 2

Hi all...so ok I go in on Wens. to have the Essure procedure done well for some reason they could not do it and just went ahead and did a regular tubal which I was not planning on so now I am really sore and bruised and I was wondering if anyone has had their tubal done not at the birth but later and what you went thru, I know nobody.... everyone I know had it done either at the birth or with in a day or two so any advice would be apreciated...thanks!!


Lisastar9 - February 2

I had mine done 1 day after the birth no c -section either. Yes I was bruised too. It hurt like he**,it was tender for days. The first day it hurt so much I aaked for demeral and was spacey talking. I hated the weird feeling but I was not in pain any more. I only needed one dose and then took tylenol for two days I believe can't remember. It hurt more to have the tubial then to give birth. How come they never did the Essure procedure? .


rl- - February 2

Hey Lisa...they did not do the essure procedure cause the gyno told my husband that I had scarring in my tubes but that sorta seems weird to me since I have had everything checked in the past and have never been told that before..the whole thing was strange when I went in to the day surgery place I found out that I was gonna be put to sleep and they also mentioned several times that just in case he could not do the Essure that I would have a regular tubal and well I said fine as long as I get fixed LOL but anyways I thought it was strange that I was being put to sleep for a "10 minute" procedure that's what my gyno called it anyways and the pamplets all said you could be awake but in truth I was glad to be put out...I go to the gyno in 2 wks so I guess I will find out more then. But oh man I have been sore as heck and the pain pills the doc precribed were freakin $150.00 so I told dh not to get them and my mom( bless her) gave me a couple of vicodin which helped (she has a bad back) but I only got a couple from her I know she needs them but I am doing better just really really sore LOL thanks for your info Lisa ( :


maryl14 - February 3

i had mine done 1 day later i wasn't bruised but i was sore i hd to have 3 doses of pain meds and then darvocets for like 3 days aftre i went home and then nothing i wa put to sleep to the only way your usually awake is when they have the epi in place thats what my gyn told me and you'll feel pulling sensations or like atearing feeling around the corners of the incision and right under it i had them and man that was rough but they go away after you st_tch dissolve



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