OT UGLY Baby Dolls

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ssmith - February 11

I thought that since my 9 month old has become fascinated with babies, I would buy her her first baby doll. They are all nasty looking! I went to Toys R Us thinking they would have the best selection....they did have lots to choose from, but they weren't exactly what I had in mind. I got one that is pretty cute, but I am now on a mission to find the one that I invisioned in my head.....


Brittany - February 11

My grandmother bought my daughter her first babydoll a few months ago. She got the soft kind though (like cotton or something), not the plastic/rubber babydolls and I think it's way cuter than the plastic ones. It's soft too so she can cuddle with it!! We'll see which babydolls she likes when shes older lol, I remember my mom telling me a story about a babydoll I had that had newborn features (like the company specifically made babydolls that look like newborns) and the doll always freaked her out lol. But as a child, I loved it so much so my mom had to deal with the wrinkled plastic doll that I carried around so much haha. Hope you find something ya like!


flower.momma - February 11

The only cute one I could find was a "Little mommy" doll from fisher price. All of the other ones had such scary or gorss looking faces


SuzieQ - February 11

lmao! I thought I was the only one who thought some of the dolls out there were creepy! lol - I'm keeping my eyes open for one for my 4 month old (starting good and early!)


BriannasMummy - February 12

The weirdest looking baby doll Ive seen so far is BABY ALIVE.. shes got the biggest head and eyes.. Brianna loves it to pieces though. ~Kristin~


Shannon - February 12

the UGLIEST ones are those Baby Bratz dolls, lol. they look like little hookers. i just don't get it!


KLC - February 12

Shannon I was going to say that too!! I hate those Bratz dols and I forbid my daughter to get one. then my SIL got her one for her birthday and gave it to her when she was babysitting so she had it all day and was playing with it before I got there. I couldn't very well take it away then. I agree they look like street walkers and I don't think thats the look I want my daughter to try and imitate. LOL. I got her a doll for Christmas and I can't remember the name of the doll but it was at Toys R Us and it crys real tears and makes the "crying" face. Its kinda cute and my dd loves it.


piratesmermaid - February 12

I agree with Shannon and KLC, I cannot stand those Bratz, and no way will Gretchen ever own one! My mom got Gretche her first baby doll for Christmas, it's a Madam Alexander, and it's pretty sweet, has eyes that open and close and a soft body. Gretchen likes to hold it upside down and suck on the doll's hands and head!!


Erynn21 - February 12

This is so funny, for my baby shower my Grandma got a baby doll for my dd, it is SO freaky, it has those eyes that open and close, it really wierds me out. I wanted to give it away, but my dh wouldn't let me, we had to display it so my Grandma could see it. My Grandma is like a kid, always has been she loves stuffed animals, dolls, you name it she loves it. I also got this ugly Care Bear pillow that I could not stand. My uncle did get our dd a "cute" cloth doll which I like because it isn't creepy. Those moving eyes just freak me out, especially when one eye is half closed, that just weird looking.


Hana - February 12

Ever since I watched Child's play when i was like 7 i hated any kinds of dolls and still will refuse to sleep in a room which has a doll. When i was recently in the US staying with a friend, i made her put all her dolls and stuffed toys away , so needless to say my lo AINT gonna get a doll....i can imagine it making noises over the monitor ahhh eww i hate them !! lol



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