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SonyaM - February 3

I really need some ideas for a GREAT Valentine's Day gift for my DH. He is so awesome and does so much for our family, I really want to do something awesome for him. I just have no idea. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks.


jj - February 3

i need ideas too!!!!


Tess - February 3



Sarahsmommy - February 3

Would he enjoy a day at the spa?


SonyaM - February 3

I doubt it. I thought about a ma__sage. He got me one for Christmas and I was thinking of getting him one and then we have a "couples" ma__sage. I'm not sure though. Thanks for the idea.


Lavinah - February 3

What do all men want? S-E-X!


FF - February 3

I got my husband one of those onion blossom kits, that you can make an "awesome blossom" with (Like Outback or Chiles has). He loves those, so I'm going to give him an onion first and when he's all "huh?" I'm going to let him open the kit. Then I'm going to promise to make him those whenever he wants! Maybe not the most traditional of romantic ideas, but he will enjoy it and think of it whenever I cook one for him! Of course, he also really enjoyed the year before last- when he came home from work I was waiting for him dressed in frothy pink panties and a lacy tank top thing. I told him his present was me! ;)


jess - February 4

i got my hubby a t shirt 4 our son that says " daddys little squirt"........,..i luv it!


Bump - February 4



kimi - February 5

What about some free ideas! besides S-E-X!


Mary - February 5

I agree. I need to do something free for my DH. I'm a SAHM and I don't think its fair that I would use his money to buy him something so I want to get creative.


Lovely - February 5

How about a 'coupon book'. Not all of them have to be for s_x, but some ideas can be just a s_xy. Some can be for a free back or shoulder rub. Or favorite home-cooked dinner night. My savage DH LOVES meatloaf, and I'm pseudo-vegetarian, so he dies and goes to heaven when I make the vile stuff. Also coupons for free sleep-ins on saturdays. my DH would love that, since I make him get up to do breakfast on those days.


Mommy - February 5

Last year I let my DH have a "day off" day as a Valentines day gift. I told him it's a day when he could do anything he wanted, within reason of course. If he wanted to spend an uninterrupted day on his video game or go out with his friends or sleep all day. And I made his favorite meal and gave gim a back rub and a foot rub and a homemade card from Zane and me. He liked it because that day I did not ask him to lift one finger. Men usually like the simple things.


erin - February 6

ditto on the coupon book idea...i was just thinking that myself! that would make him really happy!!


b - February 7



Jadyns Mommy - February 7

Aww Mommy, your idea is so cute and I wish I could use that but Jadyns father already doenst lift a finger every other calander day of the year so I guess it wont work for me. hehe



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