OT Vent My Family Is Crazy

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SuzieQ - February 26

They're driving me crazy anyways!!! AAAAAAAAGGGGHHH! I went to visit my mom and dad for three loooong days. Apparently I shouldn't pick up my dd when she cries, she should be eating lots of food by now (almost 5 mos old), she's spoiled because I walk around with her in my arms all the time - you get the idea! Why why why can't my parents just say what a good mom I am and why the heck does it bother me so much? sigh. I just needed to vent - thanks :)


SonyaM - February 26

You know what's funny? I am sure your mom said the same thing about her parents when she had you and you will most likely say the same things as your mom is now when your dd has kids. It's a vicous cycle. Luckily if my mom is saying anything aobut my parenting she does it behind my back because I don't want to hear it. It bothers you because as a child we are taught to seek our parents approval no matter what. That's a hard habit to break. As you get older it might improve but I'm 33 and I still struggle with it. Good luck and try to find peace in the fact that you are a good mother.


Brittany - February 26

Mine do the same exact freaking thing. I shouldn't hold my daughter so much or she'll get spoiled but when they come to visit me, they constantly hold my daughter!!! My grandmother always says how I should feed my kids more and if there is a tiny little problem, she wonders why I don't call the pediatrician. No one ever tells me I'm doing a good job. Sorry for the language but it really p__ses me off, I've come to the conclusion that I just won't visit as much. I know that sounds harsh but I'm a great mom and I'm not the person who can take hearing I'm spoiling my kids or I need to feed them more and this and that. It really gets me down. They're only babies once, I'll hold my kids whenever I want and I don't think it's spoiling them if I hold them, I'm creating a bond with them. I don't think of it as spoiling them if I pick them up, I think of it as responding to their needs.


punkin01 - February 27

well i see that i am not the only one thank goodness but i am sorry you ladies are going through this i was just going to do a post in ref to the same topic except mine is my DH family is driving me crazy...........



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