Ot Vent About Dh

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krnj - October 28

I feel like I never see my dh. He works nights and today he worked 12 hours. Anyway I've been having stomache issues and not to mention I've been fighting a cold all week. Tonight he came home & just went to bed. He barely said 2 words to me or ds. Didn't bother to ask me how I was feeling. I understand that he's exhausted but he can at least say something! Anyhow, thanks for listening! Ugh...MEN!! lol


dee23 - October 28

hmm that sounds fishy to me....


Brendansmom - October 28

I completely understand. When we first had our ds, my dh worked 12 shifts on midnights! I am a sahm and couldn't even count on him to change a diaper on the days he was working. Then he changed to 8 hour shifts and he thought the extra time was his free time to do things like go to the gym. I just about lost it. I went and got a part time job so my dh would have to be at home more! As far as the asking you how you feel...men don't have a clue. I had to go to physical therapy for my back when I was pregnant. I was in so much pain, the only semi-comfortable position was standing. My dh never asked how I was feeling, never asked how he could help. And god forbid he offer to ma__sage my back! Men just don't get it. My dh has gotten better since I told him I felt let down. He doesn't like to disappoint people. Just try talking to him. If you don't say anything, he'll think you're ok with it. Good luck!


megzi_03 - October 28

I can empathize as well. My dh works as a railroad engineer & is on-call 24/7. He is gone for approx. 24 hrs. at a time and comes home tired. I also work full time as a teacher, so we don't see one another all that much. We haven't been truely affectionate in awhile because of our DD's birth, then I went back to work, so now our schedules collide. I feel like we're at each others throats more than anything. He always complains about how he did this, how tired he is, etc. I'm like HELLO??? Full time job & full time mom... I know you work a lot & are tired, but you have no clue what's going on here because you don't ask!!! Aaaaaahhhhh! I wish you the best!


Kara H. - October 29

Maybe he caught your germs and is getting sick now too.


LollyM - October 29

men really are clue-less sometimes. You have to talk to him and tell him how you're feeling, they aren't very sensitive to those things and basically need an instruction manual!



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