OT Vent Hubby Lost Job

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aurorabunny - February 21

So just today my husband (who has been cooking in a c__ppy bar for almost 8 YEARS) finds out that he got the baking position that he has been going for. It's the job he's wanted for a while, as baking is his passion. They couldn't have him start any earlier than March 5th....so he goes into work tonight and tells them that he has to put in his 2 weeks notice and gets ready to start working. They sent him home and told him he was FIRED because if he was leaving in 2 weeks then there wasn't any point to him being there!!!!! Is that even legal??? I am just so upset and worried now that it's making me sick. And the guy that fired him is one of his oldest "friends" and my husband got him his job there in the first place!! How could they do that, knowing him and me and our child??? So now we have 2 weeks with no income coming in. I know that's not very long to some people but we're poor and this is majorly going to hurt...I just don't even know what to do. My husband is going to try to get a couple jobs laying carpet with his dad but it's not going to make up for it. I just don't even know what to do!!!


Steph - February 21

Have your dh go down and apply for unemployment benefits. He should be able to get the benefits (not as much as his regular pay, I think it's like 73% or something) until he starts his new job. Sorry this happend to you guys!


Lisastar9 - February 21

We have gone though tough times I am sure you will be able to make it work


bradylove - February 21

I forget where you are from? If you are in Canada we have the Employment Standards Act and I think that if you give two weeks notice they wither have to let you work it or send you home but still pay you for the 2 weeks. And you can't fire someone without just cause and submitting a resignation is not just cause. You guys should look into it, I think what his boss did is illegal.


mcatherine - February 21

It's legal to fire him, but he can collect unemployment for those two weeks.


LollyM - February 21

Aww, I know how you feel Dh has been in and out of so many jobs over the last year! It's tough to make ends meet, but just try to cut back on some expenses and make some extra somehow. I made a budget for us and it works really well. We have soo much more money than I thought we did! (although, it's still not much) Will the baking job pay more than his other job? If so, maybe you can cut back on personal expenses until he gets his new paycheck, and make up for it then. Good luck! I know it's tough but you'll make it through =)


Shea - February 21

Do they really have any backup? It seems like a rash decision - maybe he can talk to his "friend", because they probably need him until they find someone. If they are in the US, their unemployment ins will go up b/c of his claim so they are just shooting themselves in the foot. Sorry that happened :(


aurorabunny - February 21

Thanks guys...sorry for the vent I was just so so upset!! I still am...but I've calmed down a little. I am hoping that maybe he can talk to his so called friend tomorrow and maybe he will reconsider....that was a really stupid decision on their part, as they only have 1 other cook right now and he can't work round the clock all the time! I was hoping that maybe it was illegal for him to do that but it sounds like it probably isn't...I know we will probably make it through, it's just gonna suck. =( Thanks for the support.


Rabbits07 - February 21

Don't know how it is in your state, but in VA when you file for unemployment benefits it is 3 weeks before you actually draw a check and then it is only for a week as the first 2 weeks are non-paying claims (whatever that is suppose to mean). And most state programs require that you apply for unemployment first and if you qualify for it then you don't qualify for state benefits.......just the govt's way of looking out for #1. If this were long term then it would be worth applying, but for short term I would just cut back any unnecessary expenses....eating out, clothing, make-up, etc. and call your utilities companies and ask for extensions on your pay dates. Your dh could probably still file an unemployment claim (with him already having a job to go to I'm not sure how they would view his status....you'd have to ask) but, if he qualifies he would probably draw at least one check which would help you catch up on any bills you fall behind on in the next couple of weeks.


srigles - February 21

Hey, I'd think two weeks without any pay would be a nightmare for anyone - I know it would be for us. That's so awful. I do payroll for a company here in Ontario, and I know they have to give two weeks pay, even if they fire someone. Maybe you should check into it and see if there's any way you can collect the money at some point down the road? Even though that doesn't really do you any good for the next two weeks..... I feel so bad for you - hang in there!


Smilefull - February 21

they're not allowed to do that in Canada---


Kara H. - February 22

Has he checked with the new company to see if he can start working sooner? Unfortunately, t is common for a company to walk someone when they give notice. Same thing happened to my hubby, but he just started sooner at the new place.


kellens mom - February 22

It always seems that caterers are in need of a__sistance and servers. Could he do that for a couple of weeks? I know my mil is always looking for someone to help out with getting ready and serving...even if it is a one night thing. She pays under the table to folks that are not regulars. Just a thought...


Nita_ - February 22

so sorry to hear about this Katie! I would be upset too if I was in your place. I know for sure you can get unemployment checks for the 2 weeks. How could they just fire him, that's just really wrong! I know the employer can do it legally, but being a friend and the one who got him a job there, the boss is really NOT a friend. That sucks! But at least he's going for the baker job that he's always wanted. So that's a good thing!


BriannasMummy - February 22

Im from Canada.. and where I am.. that is in fact illegal. If a company or a business was to do just what you described they are responsible for giving him 2 weeks severance. Employment standards indicate that you have to have just cause to fire a person from a job.. you cant just do it because you feel hurt. My brother is a lawyer.. i just asked and this is what he has told me. I dont know how your unemployment works.. there are a lot of stipulations to getting unemployement here.. and by the time he went back to work the claim STILL would not be started. It must be horrible for you.. I know that if we went 2 weeks without a paycheque things would NOT be good at all.. scares the c___p out of me just to think about it. I hope that things get better for you.. FAST! Youll definatly be in my prayers! ~Kristin~


disneymommy79 - February 22

in some states, Such as California they have to pay you for your 2 weeks if they do that. You might want to check into it.


Momof5 - February 22

Oh, Honey...I am sorry.. I know how you feel though, my husband is an electrition and this is their slow time.. I try not to worry about tomm I just try to make it through today. God always watches out for his children. Have faith and you will make it through this.



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