OT VENT I M Afraid I May Get Struck By Lightning

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Kara H. - February 19

I have had the worst run of luck! Last monday I dump boiling water down my leg. Wednesday my washing machine has an electrical fire and is fried. Sunday I get a "not stopping behind the line" ticket at a stop sign on a snow covered road that the line wasn't even visible and a seat belt ticket, which I guess was my fault even though I had just unfastened it to reach the bank drive thru to get out the money to by the new washing machine! Then today as I am warming Max's bottle, my microwave stopped working. Fun. It is supposed to warm up to the 50's and have thunderstorms on Saturday. I am going to stay inside, away from the windows, not get in the shower or talk on the phone and unplug all my appliances and electronics!!!


Lisastar9 - February 19

I say I don't blame you one bit. My Aunt has a neighbour who will never talk on the phone for that reason. My Aunt her mother my grandmotherwould hang up the phone when she heard thunder during the beginning of a storm,without say goodbye.


jb - February 19

I think you should buy a lottery ticket! Turn your bad luck into some good luck!


punkin01 - February 19

poor thing.......you dont live near me do you ???? just kidding i am so sorry these things happen to you all at once but it was like that a few weekends ago at my house .....i wanted a new kitchen sink faucet....the kind with the removable sprayer....well DH goes and buys it and installs it then the water line under the sink starts leaking at the cutoff valve so he fixes that comes back to the living room about 30 min later goes back to the kitchen and it is flooded another leak under the sink between the floor of the cabinet and the main kitchen floor so he had to tear apart the cabinets to get to it.......then the ice maker quit that night and my sons toilet started leaking we fould it the next morning along with no hot water the hot water heater quit too so it was a water failure weekend and poor DH got it all fixed that sunday and was a good sport about it all ...i was in tears (pregoo hormones)


aurorabunny - February 19

Kara H,where are you located at?? I am in Kansas City, MO and we are having a warm up and thunderstorms on Saturday as well...just wondered if we lived close together.=)


Kara H. - February 20

We live in Indiana. Hubby's sister lives in St Louis and its about a 5 hour drive for us. It seems we get whatever weather you guys are getting 12-24 hours later. :)



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