Ot Was I Being Nosey Or Would You Have Done The Same Long

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jillianT - January 23

ok guys. i was just sitting here hangin' out w/ dd and ds after dinner when i hear a kid outside crying. our neighbors have kids in and out all of the time so i didn't think much of it, but it went on for a few minutes, so i looked outside and there is a little girl (no more than 3) in the driveway of the house across the street standing next to a car w/ the back door open. she is screaming "momma" over and over and banging a toy against the door to make noise. i thought maybe the mom was moving stuff out to the car and would appear in a second, so i stood on my front porch for a couple of more minutes waiting for someone to come outside. the porch light of the house was off and it's pretty dark on our street. the girl was sobbing. so i shouted "hey hon -- where's your mommy?" which scared her and she starts screaming even louder. so, i decide i can't just leave her out there alone and i stuck my head back in my house and told my son (he's 8) to come and stand in the doorway (baby was in exersaucer) and wait for mommy to come back across the street from the neighbors. so i walk across the street and the girl is still screaming and wailing away -- no adults in sight. btw the car was shut off and had a light layer of snow on it -- it had been snowing for about 20 mins at that point and it is 28 degrees outside. i see the girl is wearing an unzipped light coat, no hat, and no gloves. once i got across the street and was about a foot away from the front steps her mom (i guess) come out of the hosue and and looks at me like i'm crazy. i said that i heard the girl crying and that i wanted to make sure she was alright... the mom said "she's fine!!" in a really snotty way and yells at the little girl to get her a$$ in the car. and she sped off like a crazy person and she didn't buckle her into a car seat. was i being too nosey or would you have done the same? my husband is at work right now, but when i tell him this story he's gonna tell me to stay away from the crazy neighbors and not to worry about other people's problems, but i know that this little girl was out there for at least 10 minutes (if not longer) by herself crying her eyes out. was i being nosey or would you have done the same?


BriannasMummy - January 23

I think you made a very wise decision. You didnt know where that childs mother was.. and it was good of you to go and make sure everything was okay. I say SHAME on that woman to leave her tiny child in the driveway BY HERSELF! She should have been right out there with her.. some people!! I say.. GOOD JOB!! ~Kristin~


torbman - January 23

I sure would have done the same thing. Neighbor or not. The poor girl. I would keep an eye out for her at a distance, just to make sure everything is ok and that this woman wasn't just having a very off day. Its sad but if we all don't look out for ones that can't speak for themselves then who will? :)Tamara


sahmof3 - January 23

Yes... you did the right thing. I mean I would have been thinking... is the mom totally negligent... or that maybe she was pa__sed out or something happened to her and the child didn't know what to do... there could be so many scenarios... you just never know. And, if something bad had happened to the little girl... I know I couldn't have that on my conscience knowing I could have gone over to check on her... which sounds like your reasoning. I feel bad for her with a mother like that, though. UGH!


Lisastar9 - January 23

I think you did the right thing yes you are probably right about your dh too. Hey you can say at least you didn't call CPS on the lady.


lexa - January 23

I wouldve done the same thing! That's ridiculous! Poor baby.


Kara H. - January 23

What if her mom was slumped over in the car unconcious? Worse yet, what if some crazy ex-boyfriend had abducted mom? I definitely would have done the same thing. Our next door neighbors don't like us. They are old people with several adult children with children of their own. They have called the police on us for having our trash cans out the day after trash pick up!! Anyway, one of their adult children is going thru a nasty divorce and is living there. (an know the wife..er exwife) His kids, who he has several days a week, do not mind him (I don't think they spent much time with him while they were married) and he doesn't talk very nice to them. At least once a week he gets into it with the 4 and 7 year old in the drive way. He is yelling at the kids, the kids are yelling back. They run from him... not a good situation. When ever one of these tiffs is transpiring (I can hear it in my house with all the doors and windows shut) I always open my front door (storm door shut) and keep an eye on things. He sounds like a real hothead and I'm afraid he is going to get violent with them one day. If I was the wife, I would want to know that people are keeping an eye on my kids when they are with their hotheaded father. I could care less if thinks I'm nosey. I'm just fine being the nosey neigbhor with the trashcans at the end of my drive on Thrusday!!


ash2 - January 23

I deffinantly would have dont the same . Matter of fact, she should have thanked you for being so tactful and curious for her in case something really bad had happened. I have donr something similiar like this too.


flower.momma - January 24

Oooh, that happened to me once. It was snowing, and my MIL's druggy neighbor's locked their 3-year-old out of the house, probably to have s_x or shoot up. She was banging on the door and yelling "mommy, cold! Mommy please." and screaming. I went and stood by her and talked to her, and then the mom came out and asked me what I was doing. Whooo, I told that woman off! I don't even remember what I said but I was just shaking with anger. You NEVER let a 3-year-old out of the house alone, let alone in the snow! Aaaaaaagh. It breaks my heart, these people! Every child should be cherished and showered with affection!


eclipse - January 24

what would have happened if she had wandered into the street and gotten hit by a car? Or worse, mom may have not come out if you didn't go over there. I think you did the right thing-I might have gone even further and called the police for neglect, but I'm a b***** that way when small children are involved, especially if it was that cold out. You did the right thing.


jillianT - January 24

thanks guys. i'm glad i went over too. it would still be bothering me if i hadn't. i guess i don't really know what the story was, but it sure pi$$ed me off last night.


rl- - January 24

I would have done the same thing, you don' t know.... what if her mom had slipped and fallen and was hurt or had some kind of medical issue you did the right thing to check on the baby...the mother was a bit** and I would stay away from her LOL!!



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