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BreaunasMommy - January 14

I can not decide if I want to keep my dress or sell it. Im scared if I sell it I will regret it. It is very beautiful cinderella type dress. I put on like 8 different dresses and really wasnt sure until I put that one on and as soon as I looked in the mirror I just started crying lol and was like this is the one. I kept the thing on and walked around for an hour before I took it off. I stored it at my sil house and I swear I wanted to go over there everyday and put it on lol. When I took it for my final fitting I cryed all over again. It was funny because that was the exact "type" of dress I was trying to avoid but I tried it on just for the h__l of it and fell in love. anyways this is one of the reasons I feel like I will regret selling it. Im just curious if any of you ladies kept yours or sold it and how you felt about it if you did sell. Thanks


jb - January 14

How long have you been married? If it is only a short time, then I would wait. You may run into a time down the road that you regret selling it. MY mom made my wedding dress and with the leftover fabric she made dd's baptism dress. I will never part with either of those. I also still have my first communion dress from way back in 1980. I am sure I won't make dd wear it for hers, but it is a nice 'memory' that I can look back on.


Lisastar9 - January 14

The dress I paid for my ex-gf got rid of it so I never gotr to waer it to my wedding I borrowed a dress and gave it back to the owner. We keep to much stuff,and throw away to much too. I say maybe reuse it to make something else. If you know someone who is handy sewing sew a dress the same minature size to put on a doll,for keeps this would be fun and cool to look at the same time.


punkin01 - January 14

i have kept mine and dont think i will ever sell it


ash2 - January 14

Awedding dress is something that is for keepsake. It was worn the day that you made a commitment to your husband...the day you took your vows. A wedding dress is a symbol of purity...the day that is in every girls dream to dress up like a princess and look the most beautiful she has ever looked. I would never sell mine unless i got divorced...i would want my daughter to hopefully get it altered in some way and wear it on her wedding day :)


SonyaM - January 14

I was married almost 8 years ago and I still have mine. I had it sealed in a box. I have it here at my house and I do get it out and look at it every once in a while.


Aussie Beck - January 15

I would never sell mine either and I agree with ash2, it is a special keepsake. You 'sound' so happy just writing about it, so I think you should hang onto it and see how you feel in a few years.


Shea - January 15

Why do you want to sell it? I would never sell mine unless it was for a good reason. If it's just to clean out your closet or for mad money, then don't do it.


sahmof3 - January 15

I will probably keep mine so my daughter can see it. I liked looking at my mom's wedding dress when I was little. I hope she has no need to wear it, though, as I was a size 20 when I got married.


BreaunasMommy - January 15

Thanks ladies Im gonna hang on to it. I guess the reason I was thinking of selling is because it takes up so much room. Did anyone preserve theirs? Mine is just hanging in the closet in the bag it came in. (btw been married since 05/13/06)


sahmof3 - January 15

Mine's also in the closet in the drycleaning bag... and I've been married for 8 years lol.


piratesmermaid - January 15

Still have mine, granted I've only been married for 2 1/2 years, but it's just on a hanger, I need to get it stored properly. Ideas?


EricaG - January 15

omg, your story is identical to mine... cinderella type dress, tried on a bunch before you found it, cried when you saw it on you, was the exact type of dress you were trying to avoid... I feel like I'm reading my own story, lol. in my opinion you should save it, we took mine to the dry cleaners and had it preserved 2 days after my weidding they cleaned it and put it in an airtight container in a box that has a window in the front. they have it folded just right so the bodice of the dress is on display in the window of the box. I plan on keeping it and possibly making my grandchildren's baptismal outfits out of it. I think the preserving cost like $145. But we may have gotten a discount because owner's son was my husband's best man, lol.



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