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Amandanbaby - February 26

I have a 10month old son who will eat pretty much what we eat but my husband and father are both picky eaters! My dad wants nothing from a box and wants meat and potatos and veggies and biscuits every night! I don't work during the week but sometimes I just want to make some Hamburger Helper or something and he complains for the rest of the night about it. DH is mexican so he doesn't like a lot of what we eat so I usually end up making him something different. Is this ridiculous or am I being trivial? I need some new ideas other than tacos and hamburgers and pasta (i.e. spaghetti and goulash~Dad doesn't like ANY pasta). So what are some different things you ladies cook?


SonyaM - February 26

You are a better woman than me. At our house I make one meal. If someone doesn't like it they are more than welcome to make dinner for everyone or make themselves something else and clean it up. My dh has NEVER complained about anything I have made (and I'm not a "great" cook).


Amandanbaby - February 26

I try that but then they both make my night hell so I always give in...


SonyaM - February 26

I feel for you. Perhaps let them take over cooking ALL meals for one week and see how they like it. I bet they will have a change of att_tude.


Amandanbaby - February 27



EMBERBABY - February 27

You might want to try enchiladas. You can buy the sauce already made. Buy a pack of tortillas, ground beef or chicken and shredded cheese is all you need. Kraft sells bags of shredded cheese and they have one called Mexican. I use that one. good luck and I hope this helps. But like Sonya said "you are a better woman than me" lol


flower.momma - February 27

Hmmm, sorry, but if I were you, I would tell those boogers to fend for themselves! I say, if you don't like it, microwave a hotdog and leave me alone!


Aimes - February 27

Will they eat chicken? I have a great "Easy Bake Chicken" Take b___sts, put swiss cheese on each. Take a can of cream of chicken or celery soup, mix a little cooking wine or sherry in it. Put it on top of the chicken. Take uncooked stuffing and sprinkle on top of the chicken (you can drizzle b___ter on top, or leave that out of you want it healthier), bake at 325 for like 25 min, and your done. It's good, quick, and easy. Also, I suggest checking food network--Rachael Ray has her 30 min. meals that are diverse and good. Sorry you have such picky eaters!


Shea - February 27

I have an uncle that is very picky like your dad. When he comes to visit, I make a list of all the things he will eat, then I figure out a recipe where I can use those same things to make something else we will eat. For example, plain chicken, rice & broccoli (he MUST have a starch & a green veg at every meal), then I make it all up, setting aside his portion, then take the rest and make like a stir fry or something. That way you really don't have to cook lots of different things.


cae - February 27

Im with some of the girls here too. I cook one meal, and if my DH doesnt like it, then thats just too bad. Of course, I usually try to make something we both like, but I am not going to stress myself on what we are going to have for dinner.


Erynn21 - February 27

Wow you are nice, I would never make that much stuff for one family. My dh likes everything, so I have no problems, but I have a Grandma who usually picks apart everyone's food choices, she only likes it if it does come from a box. I made this awesome corn chowder once with biscuits and all she ate was biscuits because she *hates* soup, whatever. Sh** the woman hates everything, I say you can please them all, and if that's the case they are big boys make your own stuff.


Erynn21 - February 27

you *can't please them all* man I am a typo queen this morning, I need more coffee.


ninaatk - February 27

Sorry Hon - I'm with flower.mamma - If you dont like whats for dinner - your gona go hungery cause I only cook one meal!


Kristin72 - February 27

I feel for you. My dh wants dinner on the table every night. He does not cook at all. He hates any packaged or prepared foods from a box. I have never really enjoyed cooking..but sometimes i even inpress myself with meals that take 15 minutes. Try chicken and shrimp stirfry. Just get onions,celery, red peppers, bean sprouts chicken cubed and frozen shrimp ( can be precooked) cook in a tiny bit of olive oil. mix with soy sauce, pepper. Microwave basmati rice for 15 minutes covered. Serve on the bed of rice. You can even add cashews to the top. Another meal is chicken parmasean with a side of eggnoodles with garlic,parmasean and green onions. Bread the chicken b___sts (sliced in half) first in a pan then put them in a gla__s cooking pan and cover each b___st with mozzarela cheese and canned spaghettie sauce and sprinkle with parmasean cheese. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Have the noodles on the side or underneath. Have a salad on the side too! I also make steak with mushroomsand onions and baked potatoes with cheese and green onions and bacon bits and green beans. Salmon baked in oven with lemon and dill. and a side of rice or cubed potatoes and mixed greens.


sahmof3 - February 27

Tonight I'm cooking chicken b___sts, broccoli and rice and adding a little sweet and sour sauce. And mandarin oranges on the side.


AnytimeLittleone - February 27

My dh isnt picky. But I still plan my meals one month in advance. I do this so he can see in black and white what he's having for dinner, on any particular day, and doesnt hara__s me about "whats for dinner". If theres a night where we're having something he isnt particularily fond of (this Wednesday for example is Chilli, and he wont eat a lot of it), he knows to budget his money for this week, because he'll probably be stopping at McDonalds on his way to work.... or microwaving a hot dog.. (flower.momma... I loved it!)


JenniferB - February 27

I love my crock pot. I put chicken gravy and a few boneless chicken b___sts in and cook them for a few hours, shred the chicken when it is cooked through and cut refridgerator biscuits in quarters and plop them on top. Then just cook until the biscuits are done through, a half hour maybe. It is easy chicken and dumplings. You can add veggies to it too. I also like to sear chicken b___sts and then pour a jar of salsa over them and bake them. Serve it over rice.



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