OT What Does Your DH Do

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Eryn @ MN - January 14

So for the most part we know whos a SAHM and who is a career mom but what do the fellas in your life do? My fiance is a Landscaper. It's nice because in the winter he is home a lot so he has been a big help. He also plows snow and being we live in Minnesota he keeps busy!


Cora - January 14

My dh is a heavy equipment technician, for Syncrude Canada up here in the Oil Sands in Fort McMurray Alberta. He works 6- 15 hr days and then has 6 days off. It's an awesome shift. Gives him more time at home with us, makes an excellent wage, and pretty much only works half the year :D Plus I can schedule my clients ( at home ) for dog grooming around his days off so he can watch Gabby.


Jennifer - January 14

My DH is in the Air Force. He works in life support. Translation: he packs parachutes for the special ops guys along with flotation devices, oxygen mask etc...It's great because he gets plenty of leave, he took 6 weeks off to be with me and the baby. It's been wonderful because when one of us needs a break we hand the baby to the other.


L....(Hannah's Mom) - January 14

My dh has his own business (import/export packaging) and keeps office in the lower level of our home. It is really great because it allows him to keep a healthy balance between work and family....although he travels often :( and it's sometimes a handful taking care of an infant and 3 1/2 year old at extended periods of time.


Christy - January 14

My dh is a software architect for a regional insurance company's IT department.


Dawn C - January 14

As you know I am a SAHM but was working as an RN before my lil man. My DH is a foreman for a construction company.They mainly do water and sewer lines. He works very long hours. Usually 6 days a week 530am till 600-630pm. He dont get much time with the lil guy


Narcissus - January 14

My dh is a postdoctoral fellow/neuroscientist. Jennifer, your dh has a VERY important job, lol!! I can't imagine the stress of having to pack someone's parachute :) Now that's trust!


sugar+spice - January 14

my DH is an air force recruter. kinda explains itself i guess.


Redhead Mary - January 14

I am stay at home mom now and my man works in data networking and hes in a hardcore band!G.L.O!!!


CEM - January 14

My husband is a baker. No wonder I can't drop these last 5-10 lbs.!!!!


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 14

Ok, you asking me something here! I don't have a clue what John does, all I know is it's something to do with networking computers. For a job at the min he works to catch people on benefit fraud. But that is only to put food on the table for now. Once he has pa__sed this course he will be working with computers. I can't wait! His starting wage on that is double what he is getting at the min, then he can get promoted or go for better jobs. The more he learns the more he earns :-D


Shannon - January 14

my dh is a software engineer. right now he's working on software that goes in 747 airplanes.


maryann - January 14

My DH is a highway patrol police officer, so you would think he's seen it all and nothing could really scare him.........except a poopy diaper. It makes him squeal like a little girl.


llll - January 14

a podiatrist.


tiffani - January 14

My hubby is an Area Director for a delicious national restaurant chain. :o)


Jenn... - January 14

My dh is an independant agent for annuities, life and health insurance. He recently just got appointed with a mortgage company too.


Kris10 - January 14

LMAO Maryann - that is too funny. I am a social worker that works with the mentally ill - and I can't wait to go back to work - i love it. My dh is also a techy .. a computer guy. He writes software.. it's all over my head. I am ashamed that I don't know exactly what kind of programs he writes. *grin* It sounds like a lot of our men are computer nerds...



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