OT What Group Were You In In H S

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SonyaM - February 19

I thought it would be fun to know what "group" everyone was in high school. My school had the cool kids, kickers, stoners, band geeks, etc. I was a kicker. I look back now and just laugh at myself. It wasn't just for "show" though. I raised sheep for livestock shows so I really was a "cowgirl". HA!!!!!


sahmof3 - February 19

I'd say I was in the "invisible" group if there is such a thing. Not popular, not really any particular category... hard to explain. I could talk to anyone and none of them would be like, "Oh, she's a ____." (fill in a label). Probably they would have thought , "Hmm... never saw her before", even if I sat next to them every day LOL.


piratesmermaid - February 19

Most of HS I was apart of the Drama club/theater group. I wasn't a preppy popular, though I was popular (surprised me when I found out!) for being a bit..er....weird, but fun weird.


AlissaF - February 19

I was more of a stoner/punk/rocker kid. I was actually voted most unique my freshman year.


Momof5 - February 19

I wasn't really in a group.. I just pretty much fit in with all groups.. I guess they might have called my a skater- chic.. lol


EricaG - February 19

I don't know. I would say that I wasn't in any group. I just had my one best friend, Erin, and we were always together. We were just "Erin and Erica" I think everyone knew who we are but we weren't close friends with anyone else but eachother. We were in band but weren't "band geeks" , I guess we were undefined, lol.


KLC - February 19

I was a cheerleader. So I guess I was a cool kid, although looking back on it I had friends in all the groups.


mosley12 - February 19

im with KLC, i played volleyball, so was an athlete/popular prep, but had friends in all groups


bradylove - February 19

I guess I was a geek trying to be cool? I drank and smoked but I was also nerdy/intellectual....


ash2 - February 19

Well i did cheerleading but only up untill middle school. I did modeling and tennis in high school. I did the school pageants too. But i also was apart of the school newspaper and yearbook, so i guess i was a little bit of both : )


sophandbob - February 19

i guess i'd've been a geek. I hated school and just did what I had to to get where i wanted to go!


Shea - February 19

It's hard to say, I changed schools 13 times before I graduated, so mostly I was the new kid. I was in various different groups, maybe on the fringe of popular sometimes. Not a band or theater geek, not a stoner or "grit", more often in the surfer/skater/punk crowd, I suppose that is where most of my friends were. I continued with the theme to go to 3 different colleges...whats wrong with me, lol.


LollyM - February 19

lol, my best friend (we became friends freshman year of hs) and I were having this discussion the other day! I think we were the "mean girls" or the rebbels! Everyone knew who we were and allot of people were scared of us (we later found out). We were very rebellious and came and went from cla__s as we wished. We always wore s___tty clothes and wore heavy mkeup (although we were not s___ts). Most of the girls didn't like us and most of the boys wanted to date us. We were the "popular girl's" biggest compet_tion and we picked on everyone who crossed us. We always got out of trouble by being "charming" and the campus cop left us alone when we were skipping school! He just drove right by us! lol We had other friends that came and went, but it was mostly just us, Lauren and Sarah. It was us against the school! I feel kind of bad about some of the things we did, but I suppose everyone does silly stuff in highschool!


srigles - February 19

I don't think I belonged in any group. There were five or six of us that were friends and always hung around together, but I don't think I could name any group we fit into....


Emily - February 19

I am not sure. My group of frineds and I were in the middle. We had groups that were cool - like the smart popular kids, the athletes, and the popular goof offs. Then we had the un-cool groups- like the grung group, the pot smokers, and the socialy inept. I was one of those that just kinda got by. I knew a lot of kids in high school but didn't really hang out with but a handful. I played some sports, but wasn't one of the most athlectic. I was in drama club, but mainly behind the scenes. My friends and I were just kinda there. We didn't know anyone knew we exsisted until one of us was nominated Prom queen and won! Of course she wasn't going ot go until the sponcer of the prom commettee, called and asked her too since she was nominated. I think she won cause eveyone was so impressed that someone that was likeable but not one of the popular cool kids was nominated…..


Wellis10 - February 19

Well, My brother is mentally challenged and he was always picked on. (ALOT) He is older than me so he was a grade ahead of me. When I was a freshmen I had alot of friends. I spoke to everyone. Popular, nerdy, grungy, skater, pot smoker, Ugly people, mean people...ect. I was known as the broot. I would beat you up if you said something bad or did something to my brother. Then I would see other kids that were weaker than me getting picked on and I started to take up for them. My friends would always back me. I didn't use the power that I had to scare people but to help them get through High school. Kids are mean...and I found this out at a very young age. I watched my brother come home with his face full of blood and bruises...I watched the hurt on his face. I felt lucky that I was not challenged in anyway...and I wanted to help others. I was the one that told you how it was.....bluntly. I liked everyone and gave everyone respect....in return I got the same.


Smilefull - February 19

I came from South Africa--so I was kinda like Fez in 70's show--amusing to all, everyone knew me. I was really academic, but really against the bearaucricy...against the man and against the britney spears conformist girly girls. So rebelious...I dressed in hoodies and jeans, listened to Cat Stevens, LIVE and Tonic--what would that make me? Oh, I also rollerbladed alot.



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