OT What Would You Buy With 500

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ConnorsMommy - February 10

For V-day my dh is giving me $500 to spend on whatever I want... which is great!... Problem is I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT! I NEVER buy anything for myself... I'm always buying presents for other people (mostly ds =P ..).. I would buy clothes since my wardrobe needs some serious updating.. BUT I'm pregnant and I still have 2 months to go.. (and I don't want to waste money on maternity clothes).. and I don't want to buy clothes to wear after the baby is born because I'm not sure how much weight I'll lose/not lose..... I like jewelry... but i'm not sure that's what I want... the only jewelry i wear on a regular basis are my wedding rings.... Ladies, HELP!


Lisastar9 - February 10

maid service for after the baby is born for a month.


Sindel - February 10

ooOOooOOoo thats awesome! Id probably buy clothes... but I understand the being pregnant thing I am due in June.. I'd probably save it.. but since its a gift I'm sure he wants to see what you decide to get.. I'd put it away for a savings fund for new b___bs. lol.. put them back where they are supposed to be. Other than that.. Im not sure what I'd do with it either. Do you have a gym membership or a hobby you can invest in? OR A day at the SPA! =)


mosley12 - February 10

i agree with lisastar and sindel. pay for a small spa day, around 200 or so, and put the rest for maid service!


SuzieQ - February 10

SPA!!!! I love getting all that froofy stuff! On a more practical level - maid service, diaper service, a video camera to record all those preciuos moments, or a night out with just dh (nice dinner, babysitter, overnight stay in a nice hotel....)


Lisastar9 - February 10

If you have a didigital camera I would buy an extra hard drive Usb external one to store all you family pics on.


flower.momma - February 10

Hmmmmm. I would probably get a nice tattoo, hehe. I also have one I want to get touched up. I know, that's not very mommy-like of me, but hey.


ConnorsMommy - February 10

lol, unfortunately flower.momma.. i can't get a tattoo.. although that would've definately crossed my mind if i weren't preggo ;) thanks for all the suggestions so far ladies!!... new b___bs are on my list Sindel!! lol... but dh promised me those BEFORE he gave me this money! haha.. so i won't use this money for that... a little selfish, but hey! =P ..... I think I'm going to get my nails and hair done... but that's $200 TOPS... so.. $300 to go..... lol... goodness, this would be so much easier if this money was for Connor!! lol.. keep the suggestions coming ladies!! =)


BaileysMummy - February 10

I would probably get some pampering....hair, nails, ma__sage (although I don't know if that is suitable for you being pregnant). Maybe a nice pendant or earrings. I could definetely spend $500 in a day!!! :) But I always end up buying my ds new toys and clothes when I go shopping and come home with nothing for myself.


Rabbits07 - February 10

I'd probably save it until after the baby to buy a new wardrobe...but that's just me.


shelly - February 10

id proberly do the same as rabbits, or maybe buy a nice piece of jewerlly when youve had your baby,something special,maybe a nice bracelet, but id proberly spend a little bit now on frivilious stuff lol,


kristie h - February 10

I would do somthing you do not do everyday like go away with DH for 2 nights. You may not beable to spend the time with just the two of you let alone go away for a weekend when the baby does arrive.


Kara H. - February 10

Yep, I was going to say a weekend getaway. I would definitely go buy yourself a cute materint outfit to wear. Book a nice hotel for a night or two, make reservations at a resturant that you would usually think is too expensive and enjoy yourselves.


mandee25 - February 10

I would put it towards a treadmill. I really want one to help me lose weight but there are some great suggestions here too. I especially liked the day spa idea.


ash2 - February 10

Wow, 500 dollars...thats nice : ) I would do a spa. There is nothing like a whole day dedicated just to you. Some spa's would do a luch , wine, and all day ma__sage for around 150.00.


maryl14 - February 11

if my dh gave me 500.00 i would get my nails done and a message and then i would save the rest for after the baby was born and get new close or get another tattoo (if not bf) i'm getting another one if a few weeks with my new ds name i have all my childrens names beside his


HannahBaby - February 11

I would buy a new coach bag, new shoes, and a hair cut.



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