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krc - January 27

Okay folks, over the holidays I went out of town to stay for 3 weeks at my inlaws. I had my own room so it was good. Many people live in this small house, and 4 of those people have head lice!!! To be honest, they've had it for a long time, they just never take all the necessary steps to keep it gone. These aren't dirty people, I'm assuming they are so used to having it that it doesn't bother them...who knows! Anyway, while I was there I checked my head daily and found a nit. I thought I took care of it but when I came home I saw that I still had it. I have been so freakin' mad about this. I have done everything I can tenfold and now my hair is lice free !!!! Yaaaay...my son never caught it by the way. But now......i've been home for 3 weeks and I am moving back to live with my dad while I finish college. Unfortunately we can't move into the place until feb 1st. Which means that will have to stay at the inlaws for a few days. I am so paranoid about catching lice again that im having dreams at night about bugs in my hair!!! I told them I caught it and was upset. I dont want to be rude or offend the children...but how can I keep the children from touching me without being rude???? This family has done alot for me and I am very grateful...but im highly upset about the lice! I dont even want to hug the older kids that have it....but once again....how can I do that without being rude?? What would you do? I have nowhere else to stay so im stuck so to speak!


Kara H. - January 27

How are these children going to school? They will be sent home if they have it and checked before they can return. F*ck hurting their childrens feelings!! Lice to carry diseases and it sounds like shear laziness on the part of the parents. It is not normal to be all "ho-hum" about bugs walking on you or your children. As a hair stylist, we advise people all the time on how to get rid of it. In fact we call CPS on families that just keep coming in week after week trying to get haircuts while full of lice. Basically, you clean and pesticide just like if your home had a flea infestation. First you wash all heads in a__sembly line fashion with lice shampoo. Then you go to the laundry mat and wash all your linens at the same time with hot water. All soft stuffed animals and linens that can't be machine washed go in tightly sealed trashbags for three weeks. All furniture and carpet get sprayed with a pestacide - any carpet/upolstery flea spray will work fine. After the waiting period, you wash the heads again, and you should be lice free. I suppose you could buy the stuff as a gift and offer to help them get rid of their parasites. Personally, I would sleep in my car before I would stay there, but that's just me. If you are going to stay there, yes, you should avoid hugging anyone in the family. But lice on their heads are probably well fed lice so they are not as hungry for a new home as the ones on their sofas, beds, and carpets. While they are as small as a grain of rice and do not jump, they do run like roaches and are really speedy. If they have a room for you to stay in, I would take your own spray for the bed and take your own linens and wash them often. Keep your clothes in plastic bags and don't let your clothes lay on carpeted flooring. I would also coat your hair with olive oil when you get out of the shower and braid it or put it up in a tight bun. If you are greasy, the nits can't stick, so at least they won't reproduce on you. I can't imagine purposely staying in a home like that. When I find lice on someone that is in my chair, we make them leave and then decontaminate everything they touched. We all keep a change of clothes in our car. While I am stripping back at the washer and dryer, a coworker will pull the chairs they were sitting on in the waiting area to be get "RAID'ED" while another coworker will spray my station and pull anything that was on top of my station to be soaked in disinfectant. If it was a bad case of lice, I will have to wash my hair just so won't have the "heebie-geebies" for the rest of the day. Good luck, you are braver than me!


CyndiG - January 27

OMG Kara! I've always had this heebie jeebie kind of feeling about lice, but EEEWW! After reading your post I feel like I should take a shower! LOL! Especially the part about them being speedy and running like roaches! Oh man, I'm all wiggly just sitting here thinking about it! Krc, honey, I would not stay there! I'm with Kara, sleep in your car, get a hotel room, surely there's somewhere else you can stay????? I'm sorry you're in this situation! How close to NC are you? You can stay with me! :O}


Kara H. - January 27

I live in Indiana and we don't have bugs either!


Mellissa - January 27

AGH!! My head is itching just thinking about this!!! When I was pregnant, I posted a thread asking how to avoid getting lice. I got a bunch of great advice. Someone told me that extra-strength dandruff shampoo keeps them away, don't know how true that is, but I've been using it since. lol. i would seriously offer to help them get rid of the lice if you're going to stay there.


piratesmermaid - January 27

Do not stay there! That is gross, and they NEED to take care of that problem, don't worry about their feelings, I so agree with Kara!


Kara H. - January 29

Bump for Boolie79


Steph - January 29

Maybe you could help offer to fix the issue and help them steralize their house, get the nits out of their hair, and help wash all their clothes and bedding. Also, I would try and not have very much of your stuff at the house either...it's less for you to have to wash when you get out of there. I'd just stay in a hotel though. :o)


krc - January 30

well ladies....I am here in the house and im going nuts!!! I have to endure until thursday. I try to hibernate in my room as much as possible. Sometimes when certain people ask to hold him I tell them no( the 13 & 15 year olds). But their mother just takes him right out of my arms !!! She too has head lice!!! I am constantly checking Ethans head even thoug he has no hair!! I am freaking out thinking I have it again!!! This morning when I was taking a shower I noticed a few strands of hari were on the shower wall and they had nits on them! I almost fell out of the shower! HOW GROSS IS THAT !!! I promise you if I had somewhere else to stay I would...but I dont! I tried in the past to help them get rid of this problem but they are the ones who dont keep it up! I can't be rude to these people either because they have really helped me out when no one else could ! Once im into my new place on thursday I wont be coming here unless I have to. And if they want to know why I will tell them it's because I dont want me or my infant son to catch head lice! I need moral support here because I really dont want anyone touching me or my son! This really sucks !!! these 2 days I have to wait are taking forever! I love this family soo much and it kills me that it has to be like this!


DeeJay - January 30

EEEW!!!! sorry my skin is crawling. But I understand if ya got no where else to go what do you do? I just don't understand them not caring that there are bugs on their bodies! Have they ever seen a b__wn up picture of a lice. Its really gross, maybe that would do it. Because if you just see the nits maybe thats not gross enouph to make them want to do something, but the actual bugs are gross. I also wondered if the kids were in school, because you can;t go to school with lice. I also work in a salon and we will not touch anyone with head lice, and they have to leave the salon, and then anything that touched them really has to be sanitized. I have even thrown out brushes just to be on the safe side. I hope you get out of there soon.


Kara H. - January 30

Are these kids homeschooled?



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