OT When Did You Have Sex After Delivering

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chrissi79 - February 11

Just wondering how long most ppl have waited to become s_xually active post delivery? I know its supposed to be 6weeks, but is that a general time line for healing purposes or what? I had literally 2 st_tches, and not that I'm going to be jumping in the sac TODAY or anything, but I am really looking forward to being with my hubby again...its been quite some time b/c we really weren't intimate during the last few months of my pregnency. today we were just fooling around a bit and I realized |'m REALLY excited to be intimate with him...


ash2 - February 11

How many weeks postpartum are you ? Yeah they do say wait 6 weeks because you could bleed again. Trust me, i was so excited i think i did it around 5 weeks, and my husband said it felt like " jello " and he felt like throwing up ....needless to say i was heartbroken. I dont think h knew how bad he hurt my feelings. Like i didnt already feel s_xy ?? Just tell him that it may still feel a little " weird" because you are so " stretched out ".


AshleyB - February 11

I was the same way, we didn't do it for about 4months by the time my ds was born. As soon as about a week pp I totally had my drive back. We did wait till 5.5wks pp though. It still hurt a little bit, but not bad. I was so relieved that my libido came back, I was afraid that s_x was going to gross me out forever. It sure did during my whole pregnancy cuz I was so sick. Good luck


Selena - February 11

I had no st_tches and felt great after an easy delivery so at my 2 weeks check up I asked the doctor and he said whenever I felt ready. DH and I were so excited to get started that we tried almost immediately and let me tell you...it was not like jell-o! Completely opposite, I was very tight and it hurt like heck. The quick solution was lots of foreplay and some lube and we were good to go. Eventually about 2 weeks later it stoped hurting alll together and things went back to normal. I will say though that if you are BFing then you may need to use lube and be prepared for a loss of interest. Crazy hormines are always messing with us poor women!


kvilendrer - February 11

I know you're are supposed to wait six weeks, but I personally did at 5 weeks. It was a little uncomfortable at first. I was really looking forward to get back into that, but I was terrified of the pain.


Smilefull - February 12

I asked my doc and he said, when YOU are ready. Take it easy though---don't push yourself, and perhaps even have a position where you're in control---hee hee---but seriously, because then you can make sure you're okay. Oh yeah, having a little wine before hand help alot too. And, to actually ask your question, it was 2 weeks after delivery.


vonzo - February 12

I waited 3 months, I was soo scared of hurting and i just wasn't in the mood at all. Still don't all that often but i'm slowly getting there, much to my hubbys delight :o)


Deirdra - February 12

I was 3 weeks Post partum...i had 3 stiches...and only bled for a week...and it didnt hurt at all...


mandee25 - February 12

I waited 3 weeks. I know. I'm bad! lol


Erynn21 - February 12

3 weeks for us, I asked my dr. and she said when my bleeding stopped, I also had a c-sec though, so that may have made a difference. We could not wait. I am 5 months pp and still feel a "weird" spot, it doesn't hurt it just feels kinda funny.


sahmof3 - February 12

6 weeks with my older two. After my 3rd, my pp check was at 4 weeks, instead of 6 and my doc gave me the go ahead. I never told dh though lol and we waited about 2 months. Now I'm 19 months pp and feel like I could go forever w/out it!


luviduvi - February 12

With my first, I waited the full 6 weeks and then some days. I had so many st_tches I thought I would never want to have s_x again. When my doc was st_tching me, I had asked how many he was giving me and he said, "872." Ha. On my second baby, I waited just shy of 4 weeks. I hadn't been bleeding for awhile and I only had 2 st_tches the second time. It didn't hurt at all. In fact, it may have been the best s_x I ever had....


sophandbob - February 12

I was very naughty and waited 12 days - but then I did have a c section. I was lucky in that I didn't bleed for long after giving birth and so it felt more than right for me


ashtynsmom - February 12

8 weeks- and it still hurt!


soon2bemomof3 - February 12

haha...SAHM I am soooo in the same boat as you, I could go without it!!!! LOL! I don't know just no desire,, of course with a little alcohol i usually get a little friskybut that doesn't happen often either.



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