OT Who Owns SUV S S From The Mini Van Post

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AnytimeLittleone - February 5

I was reading the Mini van post.. and I realized we were thinking of upgrading to an SUV. We will only have 2 children.. is this a bad idea.. or am I <scary music> headed for the mini van.... (oh god, please say no..)


ry - February 5

I have a Chevy Trailblazer and I LOVE it! Its easy to get her in and out of her car seat and its great to be able to throw groceries, pack n play, stroller etc in the back. I personally would not drive a mini van (no offense to anyone that does-its just not me....at all) I got to have a big black truck. If I was really strapped for room I would get an SUV with third row seating.


CaliTrish - February 5

I loved my Jimmy - we hauled everything and anything inside it. What couldn't fit in, we tied on top. Unfortunately, it was a 2-door, not practical for a baby. Plus, it was a gas guzzler. As I mentioned in the minivan post, I'm looking to get the Ford Escape Hybrid - vast improvement on mileage and similar sizing to what I'm use to (what use to be a standard SUV is now a compact SUV). It'll be the perfect height for putting the carseat in. Our sedan is killing my back now that DS is getting heavier. However, if you have two carseats, it is unlikely that you'll be able to take a 5th pa__senger. Even with only one carseat, the two extra backseat pa__sengers would probably need to be on the slim side.


mcatherine - February 5

I drive an Envoy. I love it. I have two kids and it's enough room for us and all of our jumk!


mcatherine - February 5



ashtynsmom - February 5

I, too , have a Trailblazer and love it! They make them with the 3rd row seats if you need more room, but I enjoy all of the trunk space.


Steph - February 5

I have a Saturn VUE, which is a sort of mid sized SUV I think. It's got a lot of room for our two kids and has great trunk space for groceries and stroller...etc.


ConnorsMommy - February 5

I have a GMC Suburban and I only have one child (well, I'll have 2 when April comes)... It seats 8 people... lol.. which IS a bit much.. BUT it makes it easy to carpool, travel long distances, etc. And I imagine when my boys are school-age, I'll be hauling around all their buddies =) .. oh, and my dh is a big guy.. so he likes having a lot of space.. The only things I hate about it are: I can't squeeze into small parking spaces and the turn radius sucks (you HAVE to swing wide..)


Nita_ - February 5

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and really love the big spacious back to throw the stroller, groceries and what not. I haven't read the minivan thread but I'm not a big fan of the minivans...I think we'll stick with the SUV (at least for now!). I've heard from other friends with kids that minivans are great, so will see...


jb - February 5

We have a GMC Yukon XL Denali. I LOVE IT!!! We actually took a row of seats out so we had even more trunk space (for the dog!). I don't have to collapse my jogging stroller, I can put groceries in without a problem. I feel very safe being 'up so high'. It did take a bit of getting use to though. It is as my dad says, "a fat a__s truck"!!


Keli - February 5

wow, lots of GMC/Chevy owners!


cae - February 5

Yep I am leaning towards an Envoy.


EMBERBABY - February 5

I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, before this I had a GMC Envoy and I loved it too. I am just not a minivan kinda girl (at this point) we only have onechild so we will see later. lol


megzi_03 - February 5

I drive a Honda Pilot & love it. We had one for about three years (lease) & just purchased an 07 two weeks ago. It has third row seats & plenty of room for travel. When we go to visit the grandparents we fit all of our luggage, dd's stroller, the three of us & our two German Shepard mix doggies.


DeeJay - February 6

We had a ford explorer and while it was big and that was nice we couldn't afford the gas!! We were paying up to $150 a month just for hubby to go to work and back (20 min drive) And that was a 6 cyliner! So definately look at gas milage when purchasing!!!!!


Shannah - February 6

I have a Tahoe and I love it! It is so nice and spacious and so comfortable to drive and the ride is very smooth. i recomenned a SUV anytime!


TinaMarie - February 6

We had a rather large SUV and it worked well. But I will honestly say we just switched to a mini van and it is wonderful. Or maybe I am just trying to convert you to the minivan cult....RUNNN!!!!!! lol



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