OT You Know The Honeymoon Is Over When

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AnytimeLittleone - March 1

You call your husband into the bathroom, and ask him, does that look like watery stool to you? Im supposed to call the doctor if I have watery stool... (and he actually looks, and comments.) Yes.. this actually happened.


mandyrenfro - March 1

lol. yep, its over. actually, any discussion of bodily excretions... its happened here too!


Gavinsmom - March 1

You're laying comfortably in bed and hubby "dutch ovens" you! So gross, yet he thinks it's hilarious!!! He gets "cut off" for that...lol!!!


aurorabunny - March 1

When you stop closing the bathroom door, even when you have to poop...LOL I'm guilty. Or when my husband is constantly like "Wow, look at the size of this booger..." LOL.


Smilefull - March 2

I'm totally on the bodily fluid question---or "hunny, could you pop this zit on my a__s?"


LollyM - March 2

LMAO! this is a funny thread lol. Gavinsmom, my hubby has done that and it is so nasty! lol At least I'm not the only one with a child for a husband! One night we were in bed, and I said "I'm cold" and he said "I know how to fix that... it's called a dutch oven" you can guess what happened next! lol. I think the worst dh and I have ever done is when he had a hemorrhoid and he wanted me to look at it because it "hurt really bad" It was gross, but I did it! lol


AnytimeLittleone - March 2

ok, i have to know now.. whats a dutch oven?


aurorabunny - March 2

Anytimelittleone...you don't wanna know. LOL It's when someone farts under the covers and then pulls the covers over your head, isolating you in the STINK. I only know this because my child-husband seems to think it's quite hilarious....


LollyM - March 2

yeah, gotta love the children for husbands! lol. Only, dh doesn't put the blanket over our heads, he just "seals" the oven by making sure the gas is trapped under there and none can get out. He says it keeps us warm lol. What a weirdo huh! It still grosses me out though.


DB - March 2

You're trimming your husband's nose hairs for him and cleaning his ears for him...so gross, but I do it. He is a man-child!!! Such a fricking baby.


AshleyB - March 2

THis is hilarious!! My husband has never dutch ovened me, cause I told him from the beginning I'd kill him if he ever did that to me. He's farted ON me though. Yuck! I think pregnancy kinda helped with the lack of honeymooning. LOL!


JenS - March 2

OMG.. you guys made me laugh!! In a way I think it's great that you can get to that point in a relationship... you're very comfortable and would so anything for each other. However I still think dutch oven's are nasty!!!!!


ashtynsmom - March 2

When your DH is so sick he is puking and has diahreah at the same time. He leans over to puke in the garbage can, and sqirts poo all over the back of the toilet. Guess who got to clean it up????


ssmith - March 2

OMG....I am gagging! This is the grossest post ever LOL I am thankful that DH & I have never done any of those things. I think I would need a divorce. DH likes to put a towel over his lap, and cut his toenails in our living room. That's enough for me......ew


AnytimeLittleone - March 2

Ssmith.. dont worry.. your time is a'comin! I can remember being about 10 years old, and screaming at my mother "Oh my god, close the bathroom door!!!" It'll happen eventually. As far as dutch ovens go, thats not allowed, ever. LOL


srigles - March 2

OK, I feel so much better after reading all of these responses! I thought my husband was the only guy out there who did all this stuff.... Dutch ovens, boogers, popping zits, we've been through it all. My husband thinks ANYTHING to do with the excretion of gas is absolutely hilarious and feels the need to share it with me. He'll call me from work at lunch and say, "hey, I farted so loud today three guys in the other part of the shop came over and commented on it...." Strange man!


Danielle19 - March 2

sicko's...lol, anyways my dh works outside in the summer, and when he sweats his a__s get wet and rubs on his glothes and he get a rash thing so during the summer have to rub desiten on his a__s before work, talk about a childish man



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