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Brittany - February 18

I just thought it would be fun to read everyones responses, this isn't meant to hurt anyone. Would you rather be a younger mom under 32 or an older mom over 32. Who cares about the age limit, I just chose those ages, you can pick your own if you want. Both moms are financially stable and have husbands etc. (no matter if they're 15 or 45). What I guess I'm trying to ask is, would you rather be a mom who has kids early in life, the kids grow up and leave then she has time to herself and all that or an older mom who lives out her 20s and college life then has kids later on. I'll go first. I'm a young mom and I like the idea of being in my childs life longer than a mom who just had a newborn at age 50 (it happens, I saw women having an IVF procedure to have babies). I feel like I have more energy and my body was able to handle the pregnancies and births of my kids. I KNOW older moms can handle the same tasks, thats just how I feel since I went through it. I was never a party girl and do NOT feel like I missed out on anything having my kids young. If something were to happen in the younger moms life like a divorce or something along those lines, it seems like she'd still have time to re-establish her life. Now a mom is a mom no matter what age, she loves her kids unconditionally and everything in between so again, this thread wasn't meant to hurt anyone. Whats your opinion?


Deirdra - February 18

I am a young mom as well...19, i got pregnant at 18 and i got married 2 weeks before my 19th birthday. me and Dh wanted to make things right for our son. I like the idea of being young and being able to run around with my son and have him in my life longer...but yet part of me wishes it didnt happen and i was a little older and out of school and fincially stable maybe like 25 ish?


Erynn21 - February 18

Well I guess by the demographics you said I am an "older" mom, I personally am glad I got to have my husband for many years w/ out our dd, we had our 10 year anniversary while I was pg and it was an exciting anniversary gift knowing that soon we would be 3. I got to grow up more with my husband and have a lot of fun w/ him and him alone. We both were ready for our dd and that makes it work for us. We have a stronger family bond because we weren't working through our own growing pains anymore. I also was the first of many women I know to have a baby, I know literally about 10 women who are friends and accquaintences(sp?) that are having children who will be born between March and June, so these will be my "mommy" friends too, I think either way you look at it there are advantages and disadvantages, for me this is the only was I could have it.


mandee25 - February 18

I am 25 with a 12 1/2 week old son. Basically, I wish I would have started having kids a little earlier since I was married when I was 22. But 25 isn't bad. I like the fact that I have energy to play with him and all that stuff. In no way shape or form do I wish I was older when I started to have kids. I think it was the perfect time for us. But there is nothing wrong with women waiting to have kids later. All the power to them! (Unless you're 55 or 60-that's just too old to me.)


Erynn21 - February 18

BTW-I'm 32


Momof5 - February 18

I guess I have the best of both worlds.. I had my first when I was 16.. I now have a 17, 14, 13 and 10 year old and I just had a little boy in June who is now 8 months.. I will be 34 in May.. So, I guess I have been a young Mom and an older Mom!!! Yeah for me!! I do feel that I have way more patients now than I did back then. I do though, love being the younger Mom with my older children.. All their little girlfriends always say , " I thought your Mom was your sister". Now with my little Man when he is a teen I will Be the older Mom. I will be 64 when he is 20 and that makes me a little sad :) If I had to do it all over I wouldn't do it any different.


jas - February 18

I have the best of both worlds too :) I was 23 with Nathan and am 35 with Jadon. I think I had more patience with Nathan as a baby then I do with Jadon. But then, Nathan was easy going and Jadon is demanding. I do know this... If Jadon was first, he would be my only. :)


krnj - February 18

I'm 38 and my son is almost a year & I'm pregnant again with #2. I don't think I would have changed anything, I got to travel, be financially stable and have career opportunities. I'm glad I get to stay home with him but I do get tired a lot. I probably don't have as much patience that I would have had years ago. My dh is 46 but he doesn't look or act his age! lol


mosley12 - February 18

im 20. i turned 20 2 weeks after ds was born. dh and i got married about a month after we found out about him. we were engaged before, but planed on waiting 3-4 years, but i wanted to be married when he was born, and since dh is military, it made more sense for us to be married. even though iwould trade ds for anything, if given the choice, i would have put having him so young off for atleast 3 years or so, just i could finish school and be even more financially stable. i like the idea of knowing i;ll be young when he's older, but i still would have rather been atleast 23 or so


Rhiannon - February 18

I'm 30, but people think I'm 18-22. So I guess I have the best of both worlds. I was able to have fun in my 20's, live in a foreign counrty for a year, and basically go crazy. But I am so happy to be a mom at this age. By the time they go to college, I will still be young (50 is young nowadays).


eliz24 - February 18

I'm 24 and I had my daughter when I was 23,I think that was a good age for me. I had been married 4 years already so we were ready. I want to have more kids as well so it gives me time to have them spaced out at least 2 or 3 years apart and still have'em outta the house by the time I'm 50ish I hope. : )


bradylove - February 18

I guess I fit into the younger mom category but I feel more like an older mom. I'm 31 and have a 2 1/2 yr old and an 8 mos old. dh and I are ttc #3. I got engaged at 19, married at 24 and had my first baby 2 weeks before my 29th birthday. dh and I got to spend a lot of time together and we did a lot of growing up together as well, which I am really glad we did before we had children. We both have graduate degrees and are financially secure (I'm still really cheap though!). I do think about how old I will be when my kids are grown...about 50 when my youngest is 20. Which is not old by any means nowadays. That would definitely leave me time for myself! I don't think I've had any less energy than I would have had in my 20's. Actually I'm probably healthier now since I haven't partied in years and I sure eat a lot better than I did in my early and mid 20's. I don't think that age has anything to do with how well or how quickly you bounce back from divorce. That's more a matter of self-reliance and esteem. Funny but I can pretty much guess who is younger and who is older on this forum by their view of the world and the types of questions they ask. Please! No offense to anyone!! But am I the only one that senses that?


Lisastar9 - February 18

bradylove so you can guess my age."Well keep them guessing with oil love o lay" Yes I agree with you on the age question thing.


Brittany - February 18

Age is just a number, I just thought it would be interesting to read everyones opinions, I like hearing opinions. I didn't mean to categorize ages either. I won't ask questions like these again.


AlissaF - February 18

I'm a younger mom- 22 years old. When I was younger, I always imagined being a younger mom. The majority of my friends had kids in high school and to be honest, I was slightly jealous. But then, right after I turned 21 (the age when I always thought I would have kids) I told a friend that i had no idea why I always wanted kids that young... I felt way too young. 2 months later I was pregnant and I wouldn't change it. I like being young and sorta being able to grow up with my son. I do however wished I'd waited a little longer and gotten pregnant with someone who I cared about. Being a single mom at 22 is difficult.


sahmof3 - February 19

I'm youngish-oldish, I guess, because I'm exactly 32 lol. I had my 1st baby at 25 (not first pregnancy, though... that was at 24), 2nd at 29 and 3rd at 30. I'm happy about how it worked out. I got to finish college, travel on my own, live on my own, etc. and I wouldn't trade those times, places and friends for anything! For me it was all perfect timing because I have a bleeding problem (menstrual TMI) that all of my female relatives have, which for them led to severe anemia and eventual hemorrhaging and I thought I'd need a hysterectomy in my early 30's like they did (turns out I was able to have a procedure called Novasure instead).... but I pretty much knew I had limited child-bearing years... I had my youngest and needed the procedure 13 months later. I had already had my tubes tied, but Novasure makes pregnancy VERY unlikely, so I just made it with my youngest. So it was perfect timing for me.


cae - February 19

I am a young mom at soon to be 26 next month. I have been with my DH for 6 years before Ethan arrived..... SO we had ALOt of partying days to speak of, that I can remember..lol I feel this is a a great age, my DH and I were just talking about this a couple of days ago. We were together 6 yrs, i graduated from Nursing school, he got his electrician degree, we got married ,we got pregnant, bought our first home, had our baby! Things are going great.



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