OT Your S And Dh S Song

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mosley12 - February 28

mine and Dh's song was just playing. i love hearing the song because it makes me remember our wedding day, and how happy we were, and how much i truely love him..so whats your and your Dh/ bf 's song? Ours is " you save me" by Kenny chesney...we have a few more, but thats what played at our wedding..he's the one who suggested it, and i couldnt believe it cause he hates kenny chesney because he knows the only reason i started dating him was because he looks like him! lol


Mellissa - February 28

haha... ours is a kenny chesney song too. "You had me at hello". everytime i hear it I remember the first time he said Hi to me... and i get b___terflies.


KLC - February 28

Our first dance was to "After All" by Cher and Peter Cetera. It told the story of our relationship to a T. "After all the starts and stops we keep coming back to these two hearts...I guess it's meant to be forever you and me after all." We were meant to be- even if it hasn't always been a smooth road :)


Mellissa - February 28

oh my goodness mosley... i reread your post and realized the last sentence was something i could have typed myself! lol. When we met, Chad seriously looked like he could be related to kenny... especially on his Greatest hits cd cover... when he's in the water. But he's gained a few pounds.. so the resemblence isn't there much anymore.... not that I'm complaining....but hey..who wouldn't want their hubby to look like kenny?!!? now if only Chad could master that southern accent...........


Bonnie - February 28

Have I Told You Lately and Love is All Around


ssmith - February 28

We have two ~~ At Last by Etta James, and Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney. The lyrics are so perfectly fitting!


sophandbob - February 28

ours is 'come what may' from moulin rouge


Cabbie - February 28

Ours is "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd. Hubby and I were looking for a song for our wedding and were having difficulty ageeing. We heard the song at the same time while in separate cars. As soon as we parked, we both jumped out and said, "I heard the song!" It was perfect.


mosley12 - February 28

lol mellissa..dh looks most like him right after he gets a hair cut and is wearing a ball hat..or when he smiles..they have the same smile...towards the end of the week, the resemblence isnt there as much til he cuts his hair again..lol...i still remember exactly what he was wearing the first time we met and what he said to me too! lol..i especially remember thinking "omg he looks just like kenny chesney!" ...him on the other hand had already had a few beers and doesnt remember like i do..lol


Mellissa - February 28

lol. I remember what Chad was wearing too. We were in a bar and he walked through the door wearing a shirt that looked like hunting fatigues. And I thought to myself, "who would wear that out?!?!" lol. then he sat down at my table, I looked into those blue eyes, and the rest is history. :)


ashtynsmom - February 28

What If I said by Anita Cochran and Don't want to miss a thing by Arrowsmith. We actually danced to I got you Babe, by Sonny and Cher for our wedding.


SuzieQ - February 28

"You Belong to Me" by Bob Dylan - we had it played at our wedding :)


mosley12 - February 28

lol. my best friends bf was throwing a party, and i almost didnt go, but she convinced me since i had just moved back home, and we walked up and he was sitting at a table outside wearing a green american eagle shirt and a white hat. than i had to go talk to this other guy who annoyed the c___p out of me..gorgous but dumb as a rock, and my friend came up and was like brandon wants to talk to you. dh is soo shy..lol..than i went out side, looked into his blue eyes, and he opened his mouth to talk ( and he DOES have the southern boy twang and charm) and that was it...i told my best friend that night that i was going to marry him..lol


Kara H. - February 28

The t_tle song from Waiting to Exhale was playing during our first *real* date. "From This Moment" was sung at our wedding.


boolie79 - February 28

for our wedding we used from this moment on cuz we couldnt think of the song we wanted..we remembered days later lol.. love of a lifetime by firehouse


vonzo - February 28

We have 2 aswell. James blunt's You're Beautiful was our first song at our wedding, and the other one that always reminds us of eachother is James Morrison's You Give Me Something....at least i think thats what it's called. (oh a recent addition to our list is a song that was in the pantomime i worked in and it went like this..... "If you're feeling sad and you want to feel real glad just PUMP *pplllll* just PUMP *pppplll*) (P.S a pump is a bottom burp!)


krnj - February 28

At Last by Etta James



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