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Hana - March 12

I wanted to treat dh with a wax down there....OUCH bloody h__l it hurt so much and afterwards i discovered I waxed off loads of skin too...lets put me put it this way;both me and ds are using nappy rash cream. Does anyone know of any other treatment so it can heal? NEVER WAX THERE..MEN ARE SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE PAIN!!!ps- i told dh he'd better make it worth all the pain hehe


aurorabunny - March 12

LOL okay sorry...not funny but the way you described it was. =) Could you try Nair or similar hair-dissolving creams? I think they make one especially for "bikini" area, although I haven't tried it....


Deirdra - March 12

im sorry it hurt...im not brave enough to wax it myself...you go girl...but yea why not shave??


Ciarasmom - March 12

I have never done the whole thing just a bikini wax and it didn't hurt that bad. i've been told that it all depends on the person who does it. My friends gets it done all the time and one time she tried somewhere new and seemed to have the same experience you had. If you are willing to try it again try to get a referral and I've heard that if you take tylenol before and trim it hurts less.


Ciarasmom - March 12

oh also becareful you don't get ingrown hairs. That would just be the icing on the cake. lol.


Nerdy Girl - March 12

A bikini wax is definitely not a DIY project. If you go to a salon next time, you will be a lot happier.


srigles - March 12

Try eucalyptus oil. It works really well!


Erin1979 - March 12

I get a brazilian wax every 4-6 weeks. After you keep doing it, it doesn't hurt as much. They do make something called Kalo (which you can buy from a spa or anywhere that does waxing usually). it's a spray that you apply a few times a day to help prevent ingrown hairs. I find it stings for a minute, but is ok. I find after I wax, if I don't bathe for the next 24 hours, it really helps the skin heal better too. good Luck!


Emmie - March 12

Put Shave Secret on it. It is actually a mans product but it works wonders. It is a little tiny bottle for like $3-You can get it at walmart. I use it after I shave. My husband actually introduced me to it. I know what you mean though-I tried waxing at home once and oww, I dont think so. I never did it again.


Kara H. - March 12

There so many things that you can do wrong during a wax that will upset the skin (or remove it), I don't even have time to begin to list them. As a hairstylist I only do facial waxing on clients, but I occasionally get bikini waxes during the summer months. Neosporin is still just about the best thing to use on injured skin. Most of the diaper rash creams contain drying agents, which is not what you need. You need to protect the flesh that is missing skin from infection with a neosporin-type product. They make one with pain-reliever in it as well. I would also take Advil to help with the inflammation and pain as well. If you notice any swelling in the lymph nodes in your groin area, swallow your pride and see your doctor - you will need an intibiotic. Next time, cut out fu-fu coffee drinks (or whatever your treat is) for a few weeks and spend the money for a professional wax job. You will be so much more pleased with the results and it won't hurt as bad. Also, when going for a profession wax, take Advil and two Tums 30 minutes before the appointment time. The advil will prevent swelling, inflammation and pain, and the Tums will prevent redness (I have no idea why works, but it does quite well and highly recommeded in our trade magazines). If you are dead set on doing it at home, just shave. I use "couchy cream" shaving lotion when I shave my bikini area. You usually only find it at Adult Novelty stores, but it is the best ever for shaving sensative areas. I never get any bumps or ingrown hairs when I use it. My hubby even uses it to shave his face!


Keli - March 13

bikini zone is the only thing that works for me, but thats when I shave, not wax. I've never done that.


Rans - March 13

Wow you brave woman, I have my eyebrows done every 4-6 weeks and that hurts enough that I can tell ya that there will NEVER be any thought of me being nice to dh and trying to do my nether region..........love him but not that much! LOL admire anyone that can do that!


Hana - March 13

Thanx for all your responces. Kara I would go get it done professional but i have this thing about exposing my privates for non-medical issues..I can barely open my legs for a smear lol I used to be able to wax ok there when i was younger and it always went ok, but i stopped for years and was during pregnancy i attempted it once it killed and after that always hurt too much to attempt . Im not sure if skin is more senstive after giving birth? I do shave all the time but it ITCHES like hell when the hair comes through. I remember one night it itched so bad my dh thought i was pleasuring myself in bed next to him LOOOL i was like NOO I WAS ITCHING sorry this is so tmi hehe Anyway thanx again for all your replies..needless to say my dh aint getting another treat anytime soon!


aurorabunny - March 13

Ooh and I forgot...I think some of the ladies talked about this on a different thread a while back, but if you do shave, use Coochie Cream. LOL I know it sounds bad but you can get it from Pa__sion Parties or any adult store, it is the best thing I've ever used, I use it on my legs as well. I have really sensitive skin and it keeps you from getting any cuts or ingrown hairs or skin rash....bikini zone didn't work for me.



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