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Christy - November 27

My son's doctor does not advise that I take Ben out to the store, restaurants, etc until he is six weeks old since his immune system is not developed and flu and cold season is just starting to gear up here. It is also cold outside, which does not help. Luckily my in-laws are willing to come over and watch him for a couple of hours if I want to leave the house, which I have done twice. I would really like to take him out with me for lunch with a friend one day, though. What do you think- should I have my in-laws watch him, or should I chance it and take him out for a little bit?


Liana - November 27

Christy, I was advised the same thing, to wait at least 6 weeks before taking my daughetr out with me, except for doctor visits. I tried to stick with it but it was difficult, and I ended up taking her out with me several times, to take her first pictures, to baby store and even out to eat so I could show her off to my friends. I am guilty ;-) but I couldn't tkae staying in all the time... Anyway, eventhough she hadn't had her shots at that point she was fine and didn't get sick, the difference is I live in miami where its hot all year around, so I have no experience with the cold wheather.. sorry couldn't be of much help!!!!


monica - November 27

my son was out the first week. If it is jus for a little while....but I did follow my doctors insturctions. My doctor told me I could take him out as long as it was not a crowded place.


hp - November 27

Our doc told us the same thing, but I took him out & about since the first week. He was fine.. Where do you live though? I live in Southern California where it doesn't get that cold here.


Jen - November 27

I have taken my son out to eat, Target, And for a walk. The doctor didn't say anything about keeping him inside. Liana, How did the pictures work out? I was going to wait till he could hold his head up. Did they come out ok?


angela - November 27

i would leave him with your in-laws, you REALLY dont want him to get a cold. my daughter just got over her first one and she was a mess, she couldnt breath and she was waking up every half hour because of it. i wouldnt take the chance.


Christy - November 27

We live in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. The weather stinks here- not as bad as the northern central part of the country, but defnitely not Miami or SoCal. I will just leave him with the in-laws. The doc said if he gets a fever before he is six weeks old, he will be hospitalized. Definitely not worth it.


Ashley - November 27

Well, call me daring but I was taking my daughter out since she was 2 weeks old. I took her grocery shopping, to the mall, where ever I needed to go I took her. You got to do what feels right to you. No matter what you'll do people will always have opinions. By the way, I live in Canada, and it can get really cold here, you just need to dress them appropriately. That's just my advice.


lara - November 27

I am on the fence with this one too. It is not worth the chance, but I think if you make sure the baby is wrapped snugly and then you make the baby not so stranger friendly. I mean like making it so they can't see or touch him,so random people are not handling him. Anyway with it being flu season, I think I would take a pa__s too. It's too hard to tell who's sick and who's not. Why chance it? Have fun out!


m - November 27

call me double daring, but we took our daughter out when she was 3 days old and she still goes out. of course we live in southern california and she was born in aug. so that makes a difference. we figure she's exposed as soon as she left the hospital. some places we stayed away from were the malls and grocery stores. i took her to target and other small stores. i'm sorry, getting to your question, i would leave her w/the inlaws, it's kinda of nice to get out just for a little bit.


m - November 27

i'm sorry, i would leave him-not her. sorry about that!


Jbear - November 27

No one ever told me not to take my babies out...actually, the doctor told me the baby was protected by the mother's antibodies for the first two months and was extremely unlikely to come down with a cold. I took both of my babies to the grocery store, walmart, etc. and never thought anything of it. It doesn't really get cold here, either, maybe that changes things?


Lesley - November 27

I have never heard anything so silly in my whole life! When I had my oldest I was out after 2 days. My daughtr was a little longer. About a week. And I had my youngest out after 1 day, but that was only to grandmas. On day 2 I had him down the town shopping. How do they expect you to stay in the house for 6 weeks. Thats really daft. What if you have older children and you are a single parent. Sorry but I wouldn't keep him locked away for 6 weeks.


Christy - November 27

I know- I can't see myself being cooped up here for three more weeks, but I'll feel awful if he gets sick. I think I am going to go over my parents' house one day this week with him- that is okay per the doc (he said to stay away from crowded places.) We're going to a wedding reception next Saturday and the baby is staying with my parents while we are there. Lesley- You are in the UK, right? So your weather situation is probably similar to mine. In any case, I think if I take him out, it'll just be to parents' house, friend's houses, maybe a quick run to a smaller, less busy store. (I am afraid to go to the mall now afer seeing the "OT Traumatized" thread- LOL!) I was hoping that my hubby and I can go to breakfast next Sunday (a tradition of ours) and take the baby with us. I guess we'll see.


ally - November 27

How cold is it? I had a winter baby and still took my daughter out. They need to get used to different climates too. The winters in aus are cold but not to the point where it snows or so, not where i am anyway. On went the mittens, and i had her nice and warm, i think its ok as long as theres not a blizzard or its absolutely freezing if that makes sense. That is how babies get sick when they are not given the chance to experience different temps and then when they are taken out when they are 2 - 3 mths they will get sick as they aren't used to it, a trip to the shopping ctr or a quick trip to the shops won't hurt and is good for baby, less irritable.


Heidi - November 27

I'm in Minnesota and nobody told me anything either. Emma was only 4 days old and we ran to Walmart with her! She's been on probably 10 shopping trips on me since she was born. She's 7 wks old on Tuesday. She's so good and I don't let people touch her and stuff like that. It's usually in and out. I took her to the nursing home last week. I hope she doesn't get sick!!!! We were in and out of there too and I washed my hands when we got home. I try to wash up before I take her out of her carrier. I don't even want to change her in some of those bathrooms. Yuck! I'd rather change her in the van!!! I see my doc for my post-natal visit so I'll have to ask her what she thinks. I'm b___stfeeding too so I wasn't too worried about her getting sick but it's that time of year here.


Lesley - November 27

I put a thick all in one snow suit on him and a hat. The suit has gloves already attatched so don't bother with them. I wrap him up with a blanket too. I have honestly never heard of this in my life. It's in no books, its on no website. I am in the UK, up north too which is supposed ot be the coldest part. When I had my oldest son I asked the midwife when it would be OK to take him out, and she said whenever I feel ready, as long as he is wrapped up warm.



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