Out Growing The Bouncy Seat

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excited2bemama - October 2

My 4 month old who used to love her bouncy seat now graps the straps and pulls herself up to a sitting position in it. She refues to lie back and just sits there and whines. I am guessing she doesn't like it anymore b/c its to reclining. We have it on the kitchen table that way she can be with us at meals. Any ideas of what to do with her now? I would think she is too little for a high chair still? Also does anyone know when I should lower the crib to the lowest setting? Is it when they can roll over or sit up?


excited2bemama - October 2

sorry for all the typos - she is sitting in my lap while I type this and I obviously can't do 2 things at once,


Punkin - October 2

I have not had my LO yet, (10 days!), but how about using a bumbo? I have friends whose LO's LOVE this and they use it on their counters and tables to be eye level with their babies too!


madison - October 2

my dd just outgrew her bouncer completely. she's 6 months and around 4 months when she started rolling over is when she showed disinterest. like punkin said, we used a bumbo to have her on the table with us. just make sure you are right there right them! our dd started to wiggle out recently so now she is in her highchair. also, we just lowered her crib because she is pulling up and sitting up. she has already pulled herself up to a standing position on furniture twice. she's very strong but very tiny- 13-14 lbs. i think you should lower it whenever they show signs of pulling up/sitting up.


inuk-mama - October 2

We moved ds into his highchair once he could sit up unsupported which was about 4 months. We just lowered the crib to the lowest setting because he can stand up and although we should have probably lowered it a few months ago, I just found him trying to put his leg over the side. So probably a good idea once they are standing


ImpatientMommy - October 2

I think it's still too early for a highchair, she should be sitting up better before she goes in that! But I can see how she'd not enjoy the reclining position, that doesn't surprise me! Josephine doesn't mind it still but I'm sure she will! haha



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