Out Of Curiousity What Did You Do

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Mommy_to_be - February 26

I'm noticing...that from hospital to hospital...cord care differs. Some say use rubbing alcohol on it, some say to leave it alone. (I think all - alcohol or not - are teaching to fold the diaper down, keep dry, and don't mess with it). My hospital taught not to use alcohol. All we did was sponge bath until the stump fell off, tried not to catch it on clothes, and folded the diapers down and her stump fell off within 10 days and was a beautiful belly button by day 14 when all the scab was gone. My friend was taught to use alcohol and her dd's stump is still there and doesn't look like it will be ready to come off for a while (she's 2 weeks old). As a nursing major...I'm just curious as to what you did....alcohol or not?


lexa - February 26

We were taught to alcohol with both of my kids. My dd's fell of by 2 weeks. We swabbed it with alcohol (to help dry it out), fold the diaper down, and only sponge baths until it fell off. The alcohol is to help dry it out faster. You have to let it air dry before clothing baby back up after swabbing it. It will come off. But I say alcohol.


ConnorsMommy - February 26

I was told to leave it alone, so i did. ds' stump fell off in 3 days.


JJB - February 26

I used both methods. With dd #1 I used alcohol and with #2 we didn't. They both fell off at 10 days.


K8 - February 26

i was the same as Connorsmommy. I was told to leave it (didnt fold nappy down either) and she had normal baby bath and all. It too fell off in 3 days and was fine.


Amandanbaby - February 26

I didn't use anything at first and after the 1st week my doc said try alcohol and it took another week to fall off...


bradylove - February 26

We were told alcohol for both and our first fell off at 8 days and was perfect, our second got infected after a week so we were told to switch to polysporin, that didn't work. Then we were prescribed an antibiotic cream and finally at 4 weeks it was all healed. We don't know what caused the infection but it was gross, it turned yellow and green and all runny and stuff...yuk!


SonyaM - February 26

We were told to use alcohol and turn down the diaper. Isn't this interesting. I had a friend tell me that in her city the hospitals tell you not to use store bought wipes but to make wipes out of papertowels. I had never been told that and we are only 1.5 hours a way from eachother.


Mommy_to_be - February 26

This is interesting...thank you for your responses...it's amazing how much the teaching varies depending on where you are!


sahmof3 - February 26

I was told to use alcohol w/ my three and they all lost their cord stumps within the first week. SonyaM... our hospital had us use gauze pads wet with just water for diaper wipes, although they said regular wipes were fine when we got home! Funny.


CyndiG - February 26

I alcoholed both dd's and both fell off by two weeks.


AshleyB - February 26

We were told to use alcohol 1-2 times a day and it fell off at exactly 2 wks. It healed up nice and quickly.


MM - February 26

I was told not to use anything & it fell off within a week or so.


flower.momma - February 27

Hmmmm, seems like no matter what anyone does, it falls off around the same time. My dd's fell off at 2.5 weeks with no extra care. My son peed on his (hehe) and so I used rubbing alcohol and it fell off at 1.5 weeks.



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