Outgrowing Things

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mandee25 - March 14

When did your babies outgrow the bouncy chair and swing? How old were they when they started using the highchair? I know the weight restrictions and stuff but figured my baby would outgrow it before then. Thanks in advance.


eliz24 - March 14

My daughter was 6 months when I stopped putting her in her bouncy chair,becasue she could sit up by then and she would fling herself to the side and the bouncy chair would tip over,I stopped putting her in her swing at about 7 or 8 months just because she was bored with it by then. As soon as she could sit up unsupported at 5 months I put her in her highchair. Hope this helps.


Kristin72 - March 14

how old is your baby? mine is 3 1/2 months I was also wondering the same things. have you introduced an exersaucer, or jumperoo? i think i would like to know if i could start my baby in these items now.


mcatherine - March 14

My son outgrew the bouncy and swing as soon as we put him in the bouncer (a week shy of 4 months with good head control). He wanted nothing else after he figured out he could bounce! He didn't go into his exersaucer until he was 5 months simply because he didn't like it (because it wouldn't bounce, lol). He was in his highchair at 5 months. Now at 6 months, the bouncer is boring and has been put away, the exersaucer gets about 20 minutes a day because he wants to play on the floor or just sit and stare so the only thing he is really in to is his highchair - because he gets to hang out in the kitchen with mom or eat!!!


tryingx3 - March 14

Kristin - I introduced by dd to the exersaucer about that age with blankets stuffed around her and a small pillow under her feet (so her feet would touch the "floor". She would stay about 5 minutes then fuss, I would take her out...did that off and on to give her some variety...the length of stay will get longer as the baby's arms get longer and they can reach things! She still doesn't play in it long, but it does add for a little distraction. I am about out of a bouncy chair too - especially unattended. My dd is 6mo. I had a friend tell me both of her boys would STOP the swing at 6 months with their arms.


mandee25 - March 14

Kristin72, my baby will be 4 months old next week. I have a jumperoo and exersaucer and he has been using these for the last few weeks with a blanket around him to keep him in place better. He has had great head control for quite a while. He still likes his bouncy chair and swing right now though. I like to give him a variety of things to do in the daytime.


DeeJay - March 14

Oh I don't want to get rid of the bouncy chair!!!! That has been a lifesaver! She loves to nap in it, and falls asleep almost right away. But she is 61/2 months and is starting to try to crawl out! She still likes her swing and still fits in it, but the straps for the harness are too tight. I am trying to figure out how to extend them, because she really is not a big child and could probably get another month at least out of that. As for the jumperoo, she started that at 6 months, but will only sit in it if I sit there with her. I started her in the highchair at 6 months also. She is gettting too long for her infant car seat, but is nowhere near the weight cut off. sigh, I can see buying clothing will be a challenge, she is tall and skinny. Alll her pants she grows out of length wise, but the are big around the middle. Don't you wish we could get more time out of these things, they are so expensive and they grow up so fast


mandee25 - March 14

DeeJay, I know exactly what you mean about the bouncy chair because my ds loves napping there too and sleeps so soundly in it. I want to use all my baby items for as long as I can because YES they are expensive for the time you use them. Hopefully with our next one we can use all the same stuff.


tryingx3 - March 14

Oh yeah, my dd is in a high chair too - just started around 5.5mo...she is a small one though so some may be able to start earlier. She doesn't JUMP in her jumperoo.



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