Oven Cleaner Cleans The Bathtub

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AnytimeLittleone - April 13

I had heard this before, but thought it was a myth.. but I tried it today and its true! I have to admit, I have not scrubbed my bathtub since Eva was born, ive been too busy. I went at it today, with no luck. No solvent could clean my tub. I reached for the oven cleaner out of desperation. I sprayed the entire tub! It is now white and gleaming and shiny! It looks brand new!


jenstewart21 - April 13

haha yep! the maid service i use - uses oven cleaner on our shower floor (we have a standing shower) - works wonders!! nothing else ever got it clean. go figure!


ash2 - April 13

Really ?? What kind of brand is it ?


AshleyB - April 13

Yuppers!! Oven cleaner works on all sorts of stuff. I used to clean houses and apartments that were to be rented. Basically when nothing else will work, oven cleaner will. It's works great on rust stains too. I've used in on lots of tubs and showers when i worked. Glad it worked for ya!


LisaB - April 13

Isnt it really rough on your shower? Can it be used on tile?


tryingx3 - April 13

aren't the fumes horrendous?


AnytimeLittleone - April 13

I used... "Easy Off fume free"... it smells like lemons. It foams when it hits the surface, and I left it there for 5-7 minutes. I then rubbed a plastic scouring pad over the tub surface to loosen up the dirt (didnt even scrub!) and then rinsed out the tub... and Im telling ya ladies.. the tub is gleaming.. like, did you know that the metal drain is actually supposed to be shiny?!?! Im very shocked that it didnt corrode the coating on the tub..!


Lala - April 13

yes, but the reason it works so well, it's it is such strong chemicals. You need to wear the special gloves and be careful about any skin contact and ventillation.


CyndiG - April 13

Anytimelittleone, is your tub ceramic? What about the tile? That would be wonderful if it would work!!!! :O}


AnytimeLittleone - April 13

Yup, the tub is ceramic... and I got oven cleaner everywhere, on the tiles, on the tub, on the faucet.. and everything is shiny! Im sure if you used oven cleaner once a week to clean your tub, that eventually the coating would start to wear, and your tub would start to look corroded... but for me, who hadnt cleaned her tub in 8 months, and couldnt get the grime off, it works fabulously!


Kara H. - April 13

We have an acrylic tub. I would love to try it, but I would be afraid it would melt it. But I suppose it couldn't look any worse that it does now (getting remodeled in two months)


HannahBaby - April 14

is anyone worried about putting their babies in there after cleaning it? Just wondering becausei have terrible rust stains but am afraid to use it bc of left over chemicals.....


AnytimeLittleone - April 14

Hannahbaby... Just make sure the bathroom is fume free.. and that youve rinsed out the tub really well. I put Eva in the bath last night, and before I did, I kinda did a re-wash with some dish soap, and made sure the tub was really well rinsed.. we didnt have any problems.


luviduvi - April 14

I would recommend that if you were going to do it, do it after your lo's take a bath, then rinse really well, and then hop in the shower yourself so you know that with the movement and hotter water temps the tub will really get rinsed. After I clean my tub I always take a hot shower b4 I put my lo's in just get it really rinsed.


mommie2be - April 15

I just used it after reading this post yesterday and it absolutely works! Even on the toilet!! I already had the Easy Off Fume Free (which means what it says- fume free) and it worked quite well! I literally saw dirt and all just flow down the drain- AWESOME!!


lillians_mom - April 15

wow ive never been so excited about something to do with cleaning! i want to go home and clean my tub right now!i just hate scrubbing that stupid thing and havent been able to for 8 months due to baby belly/ baby. im sooo ready! lol.


DeeJay - April 16

this is great, but do you know any tub cleaner that will clean my stove!!! I'm being serious. I have tried every oven cleaner out there and nothing will get the black rim marks off my flat top stove!!! GRRRRRR



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