Overly Concerned Please Help

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Mommy_to_be - March 4

My daughter's (15 weeks old) nose has been bleeding lately. Not nose bleeds, but she'll have blood in her nostrils and snot. She's been sick (with a cold) but we've been using saline drops in her nose and we have a central humidifier in the house, and an extra humidifier in her room. The gauge we have in her room says that the humidity is around 43% (which is plenty high enough). When we called about the nose bleeds the pediatrician said to use the saline drops and humidifier...which we were already doing! I worry they're overlooking something. Being the overparaniod mom I am...I worry about the bleeding as nosebleeds are one of the signs of leukemia, etc. Has anyone else's child had an unexplained bleeding nose at this young of an age? Any thoughts?


jolou - March 5

bump - this one would worry me.


Rabbits07 - March 5

Since it's not really a running bleed of the nose (that's my understanding from your post) I wouldn't worry too much. It does sound like her nasal pa__sages are just dry and irritated. This can still occur even with humidifiers, especially if her nose is being wiped or suctioned. It is normal though as a parent to worry. If it continues over the next week or so then talk to your pedi again and tell him you would feel better if bloodwork was done to rule out anything serious.


Renee924 - March 5

i found this on a website i check a lot: Common causes of nosebleeds include colds, allergies, and sinus infections; low humidity; and trauma (like nose picking, a foreign object in the nose, or being hit in the nose). Sometimes an anatomical problem (like an abnormal structure or growth in the nose) can cause bleeding, as can certain drugs. Children often get nosebleeds, especially in the winter months, when the air is often dry and infections are common. It says to call if • you think your baby has lost a lot of blood. Nosebleeds often look worse than they are, but if you're concerned, talk with your baby's doctor.• your baby has just started taking a new medicine and begins to get a lot of nosebleeds• your baby is getting nosebleeds more frequently and has a chronically stuffy nose • your baby has nosebleeds and he bruises easily or has bleeding from other areas, like his gums I would call them back if you're concerned because that's what you pay them for and as always better safe than sorry especially when it comes to such a young baby. We went to the emergency room at the suggestion of our pediatrician when she was 6 weeks old for... GAS. We didn't know that's what it was but I'm glad we went anyway. At least he would rather we have gone and it be nothing than for it to be something very wrong and us just to have ignored it.


mandee25 - March 7

I wouldn't worry too much if there wasn't a lot of blood in there. My 15 week old ds has a cold and had a little bit of blood with his snot once but it was barely anything so I chalked it up to suctioning and saline drops. Get checked out if you are still worried but it's likely due to the cold.



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