Ovulatory Pain

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Rabbits07 - February 28

I know it is common for some women to have some pain upon ovulation. I was due to ovulate today and woke up with MAJOR cramping and it's on both sides not just one like the mittelsmerz usually is. I'm just stumped as to what is causing it as I feel like I'm ready to start my period instead of ovulating. I don't think it's my period though as I have been regular give or take a day for the past 2 months (after several months of wacky cycles thanks to br___tfeeding!) Ideas?


drea - February 28

Rabbits, I've been having the same thing. Extreme pain in my belly and lower back. When I feel it coming on I take 2 Motrin and it seems to do the trick (for a few hours anyway). Then, when I get my period the cramps are really bad also. Hey, it never ends huh!! I think its just our bodies trying to get back to normal (somewhat). Hope this helps and I hope you feel better.


ry - February 28

Hey Rabbits, I always get really crampy when I am ovulating. Its crazy and people dont usually believe me. And ever since I had dd I get period like cramps days before I even start my period. Its wonderful.


kristie h - February 28

Hi i had bad ovulation pains before i was pregnant with this one. Mine would be realy bad like yours for a day or two then i felt badley bruised in the ovaires and all over the abdomen for some days afterwards. I asked my doctor if it was normal and he told me that when the egg is realsed that blood and fluid comes out with it so the blood and fluid sits in the abdomen for some days afterwards. I would just take some panadol and if it gets realy bad go to your doctor.


Rhiannon - February 28

Pain from my ovaries was one of the reasons I figured I was having twins. I felt myself ovulate form both sides and thought, "hmmmm" Anyways, my pain is sharp on my right ovary, but I am on the pill. Isn't ovulation supposed to stop when you are on the pill?


Erynn21 - February 28

I am having the exact same thing today, it started with one side now my whole uterus is hurting REALLY bad, I feel like c___p. I always had it only on one side, this is the first time since my dd was born 5.5 months ago that I have felt ovulation. I started having periods at 2 months pp, but I don't think I have been ovulating as I haven't felt anything until today. Plus I had 2 periods this month, one that started on the 3rd, and then another on the 16th, when I count out my days I'm at day 13, so I would a__sume that I am now ovulating and my body is confused. I'm taking my dd in to the doctor for her 6 month check up soon I'm going to tell her about what has been going on with me. It sucks, I am in pain. : (



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