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ca_pink - May 5

I have a 5 week old. At her 1- month doc appt, the pedi said we should start using a pacifier. If you use a pacifier, when did you introduce it to your baby? how? and how long have you been using it/ used it? What brand? latex or silicon? Thx


hello - May 5

Why do they suggest that? I tried with my daughter but it kept falling out as she slept and would wake her so i gave up, at one stage in her life she would look for it, open her mouth, made me feel bad. I read if u have an easy baby then no pacifier............ If they recommend using one then start now as i tried later on too and she didnt want it........ I did try when she was a few weeks old and friends used them too early on so i dont see why u cant start now.......I bought the best brand that had the same teet as her bottle, do that if u can............


hello - May 5

Just to add it was the same brand as her bottles as i a__sumed it was similar..well it is............


krnj - May 5

I think my ds was 2 or 3 weeks when I started using a pacifier. He's 8 weeks now and is still using it. I'm not sure what brand it is, it was a gift. I tried different ones and my ds prefers the smaller ones.


jas - May 6

My ds came back from his circ_msition with one the hospital gave him... He isn't into it much - I bought a back up, nuk, I think - he dosn't care if it's there or not really... He is an easy baby. The ped did say that there are new studies that support pacifiers help in reducing SIDS... But then eggs are bad for you this week too...


MJM - May 6

i started using one almost right away. He spit it out when he was 8wks and never wanted it since. I liked the silicon ones by gerber.


Bonnie - May 6

Some babies get very into them and some do not. Mine started out liking them but now prefers a thumb. The advantage is that they are an easier habit to break than thumb sucking. the con is that it takes them a lon time to learn to keep them in. Just keep giving it to her and either she will take it or refuse it. The best one to get without a doubt is the soothie. Most hospitals sell them. They are ugly as all get out but for some reason most babies prefer them. They are made of silicone and are all one piece. One piece models are bast as well as tehre is no chance of the pieces coming apart and choking. Call your local hospital first and see if they ahve them. Soothie's Web site is (keep the dash). I also bought the WubbaNub they have on that site. It is a soothie sown into a stuffed animal which helps them hold it in better.


AmandaManns - May 6

My son has taken one since the day he was born and we use the NUK pacifier. We have tried different ones and he just prefers that one. Heis now 4 1/2 months old and has learned to keep it in his mouth better but he always has been a hard sucker.


Jmom - May 6

My ds was given a Soothie pacifier in the hosital, he loves it- they are green and look like bottle nipples. I bought some more at babies R us. He refused to take a different kind when offered to him. He's not addicted to them though, when he doesn't want it, he spits it right out.


Hannah777 - May 6

I hired a lactation consultant to answer some of similar questions. She recommended soothie pacifiers. Said Nuks were really bad. My boy is 2 weeks old and we use a pacifier. It's not for all babies, though. You should consult your doc or a lactation consultant.


C - May 6

My son liked the soothies or the ones made by Playtex. At 11 months I stopped giving it to him and he never asks/looks for it. We called it the-- thing that keeps the noise in.


ashtynsmom - May 8

My daughter got one in the nursery at the hospital at 2 days old. It was a NUK, but she has no preference. She will take anything. She is a very vigorous sucker, too. Sometimes she wants it and sometimes she does not. The only bad thing is when she wakes up at night and wants it but isn't old enough to find it herself in her crib. She is 15 weeks today.



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