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Ryan'sMommy - February 4

What kind of Pacifiers does your baby like best and how old is your baby and is he/she bottle/br___tfed? Did you or do you have trouble getting you baby to keep it in his/her mouth?


SHelly - February 4

im using playtex newborn ones, my son is just a little over 2 weeks. he keeps it in fine, sometimes it does fall out. i am bottle feeding him, thats what i had most trouble with, i couldnt find a nipple that he liked. i finally got one.


Chelle - February 4

I use soothie pacifiers. It's the same kind the hospital uses and it's the only one my daughter will take (she's 6 months old). Here is the web site you can also buy them at Target.


Christophers-DawnC - February 4

my lil one is 4mths. He takes the nuk pacy. he is b___stfed only. He took it no problem


Kaeli - February 4

My 4 week old Maddox loves his Nuk! I tried b___stfeeding, my milk never came in. I had to try usuing a nipple sheild cause he tore me up he was trying to suck so hard to try to get milk. So I went to formula. I started him on playtex nursers, then went to avent (they sucked) now using Dr Browns (love them!) Needless to say, he has never had any sort of nipple confusion, if its suckable, he is all for it! Good luck!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 4

We use Gerber Soft Center Silicone pacis. Amaya loves them!


C - February 4

Playtex or Nuk. I b___st and bottle feed. He's 9 months. At first he had trouble but not anymore.


Erin - February 4

I b___stfed my little one until she was 4 months. She started taking a paci at about 8 weeks. We tried the avent ones first (hated them), and then we started using the Nuk, and she loves them. I love the ones with the clip so they don't drop on the floor (although, my daughter sucks on it now, so if I touch it, it's pretty nasty!). The only time she doesn't keep it in, is at night. Otherwise, she held it in OK. Good Luck!


Grantsmom - February 4

My son is 8 weeks old and we have tried every kind of paci on the market and he won't have anything to do with them. The only time he'll take one is for about 2-3 minutes as he is falling asleep and only if I hold it in.


melissa mama to taylor - February 4

My dd also likes the gerber ones--she won't keep any other in. Weird, cuz she'll take any kind of bottle nipple, but i guess she gets something out of those! ;)


Nick - February 4

My son is 6 months old and has not really taken a pacifier since about 4 months. He drinks Dr. Browns, but we own and have tried several different bottles. His pacifier was a life saver the first 4 months. We had every kind because I got several at my shower, however the only one that he took was the Gerber Soft Center Silicone pacifiers. They are shaped like light bulbs and for whatever reason he prefered this shape. He hated the avent.


sarah - February 5

my son is 2 mos old..and must be the only one who cares for the avent pacis hahah. we also have the mam..but he doesnt like that as much. i use the avent bottles too, so maybe thats why. if he wants to suck, he keeps it in..otherwise, he spits it out and i stop giving it to him. its nice when hes tired though..the sucking soothes him and helps him sleep faster.


Jess - February 5

Sophie will take any type of paci, she preffers the avent paci though! she has had it since 10 hours old and she had no trouble keeping it in then! i b___st feed and bottle feed.


Sarahsmommy - February 5

My baby is b___stfed, she usually gets one bottle of juice a day and she likes the avent and the mam pacifiers. She does fine with keeping both of them in except when she falls asleep it falls out.



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