Pack N Play Quest

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pbj - March 27

My dd is 4 1/2 mths old. I usually place her on the floor with her play gym for tummy time and to play on her back. If I have something to do and I need her in a safe place I put her in her pack n play. I have the pack n play on the top setting, she doesn't like to be in it long and I think it's because she can't see around her. So this is really the question; when she plays on the floor she stay in the position I left her in, she will not really try to rollover or move at all, but when I have her in the pack n play she'll try to move around & rollover. I have thought of maybe lowering the pad in the pack n play to the bottom so she can see through the mesh. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this yet other than the pain in my back from bending over to pick her up? I never thought I would ever want her in a playpen, but it seems at this point developmentally I should maybe try it. Anyone have any advice or past experiences to share?


S - March 27

I have also been looking at the pack n plays as an option for my daughter. She is 6 months old and every time I look at them I am like there is nooooo way she will be content in that little thing! I was shopping and found what they call a superyard. It's basically a plastic fence, not sure of the dimensions but it makes for a pretty big play area. I think I am going to get that instead of the pack n play. She needs room. She just won't be happy in the little bitty play pen. I think it's like $60 new, but I am going to go to some yard sales to see if I can find a used one there. Look them up.....they are called superyards.


ZacsMommy - March 27

Hey could try you can buy new or used things from oother moms and eiyher pay them with money or swap other items with them. It's kind of a cool idea.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 27

I know exactly what S is talking about. Its was we used with our first daughter. Gave her plently of room to play. Now I dont know where it came from since my sister in law gave it to me. Dont have it anymore, but it works great. I think Babies R Us has them.


Jbear - March 28

I have the superyard. I love it. You can use it with the six panels it comes with, or with four to enclose a smaller space, or you can buy an extra two panels to make a bigger space. With six panels it's 18.5 square feet. I had to buy it new though...I am the queen of thrift store, yard sale, and resale store shopping, but I looked all over for one, then called every resale store in town...they all said they didn't have any, but that they sold them for about $40 when they had them, and that they'd be happy to buy mine when I get done with it, wherever I get it. The only thing to watch for when you get it is that there are little plastic bits that break off when you're first opening it, so you have to set it up, move it and sweep or vacuum, then put it back and put your baby in it. I only had a problem with the little plastic bits the first time I used it. Burlington coat factory also carries a regular, old-fashioned playpen. They want $80 for it.


Jamie - March 28

I always thought an itty bitty play pen would be too small for my baby girl, too, but oddly enough - she LOVES her pack n play. Don't gt me wrong, she's not in it 24/7, but she's definately content in it for as long as I need her to be in it.


pbj - March 28

I appreciate all your responses, and I do plan to buy the sort of paly yard you all were taling about when my dd gets a little older. But all I really needed to know was if there's a reason why she shouldn't lay on the bottom of the pack n play. (meaning for safety) For now, while she's really small, it's the right choice for us now, I can take her to whatever room I'm in easily as well. Again though thanks.



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