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keziah - August 4

hi, my son is now 8 months and it still hurts to have s_x, evertime we have s_x it feels like its ripping and it burns does or did anyone else experiance this. thanks


Buffi R. - August 4

I've had pain during s_x following both of my deliveries. I think it took about a year to go away after my first, but not quite as long this last time. I actually found that it was much better for me when I'd be on top than in any other positions. At first I was scared to try this because I thought the penatration would be too deep, but nothing else was working so I gave it a shot. It must be the perfect angle because nothing feels like it's rubbing me wrong, so to speak. Also, lots of lubricant is very important. After childbirth, you're dryer than normal due to hormones normalizing.


keziah - August 4

thanks buffi, i'll have to try being on top and see if that helps. thanks


newlywed0915 - August 5

Hey hun, s_x was painful for me at first, but that was right before my 6 wk check up. My OB told me that s_x should never be painful like that after giving birth. I too had the stinging burning sensation and felt like I was going ot rip, and she said it was scar tissue. Sure enough, she checked it out and it was, so she put some liquid nitrogen ont here to burn it off, and although that stung for a while, it helped a lot and the pain is almost gone now. Maybe call your OB about it?


Malica - August 5

I have to agree with newlywed -- s_x is painful after giving birth, but not in a burning/ripping sort of way. Please talk to your obgyn about it.


BeccaBaby1 - August 7

Keziah. I'm 6 mo's pp and yes, I feel the same. I think it is because my body is in baby feeding mode and not baby making mode, so my libido is low which in turn means it is much more work to get the lube and the nice sensations working. Are you b___stfeeding? Do you use lubrication? I have to have to have to use lube, otherwise it is quite unpleasant for the both of us.


Crystal83 - August 7

Are you still b___stfeeding? That sometimes can make things a lot drier. If it is feeling like burning and ripping then I'm thinking you must need some extra lubrication. I know it took at least a year for me to feel completely comfortable having s_x after the birth of my 1st dd. If things are still hurting you after trying some of these ideas then maybe you should have your ob/gyn take a look to see if there is anything else going on. You'll be on the road to enjoying s_x again soon, don't worry!


margie - August 7

yep, my daughter is almost 8 months and i also still have some pain with s_x, i can tell its getting better...but i have practically no libido anymore since having her (hoping that comes back soon!) so i think that mentally that could be part of the problem...not enough lubrication maybe


keziah - August 11

yes i'm still b___stfeeding and we do use lots of lube, I don't dare try without. i guess i'll just have to give it more time, my libbido is also gone since having my son, hope that comes back to.



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