Pain Relief For Laboring Moms

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kate_ - February 8

hi, i figured this would be a good place to ask since you've all recently given birth. i am worried about taking meds. during labor. if you did take meds./epidural, what side effects (if any) did you experience? i have read that epidurals can cause a lot of nausea, vomiting, and shaking, which i definitely do not want! for any moms who did it naturally- how terrible was it? sorry for all the question, i am just a nervous mom-to-be! (also, at how many weeks did you pack a bag for the hospital? i am almost 28 wks.).


kimberly - February 8

First congratulations on your pregnancy! I have three kids so I know a little about labor. I will tell you all three of my experiences. With my first I labored for 2 days at home with no progress but I got no sleep in those two days which doesn't help with dealing with the pain. I opted for demoral in my IV, it didn't do anything for me but make me so groggy I didn't know what was going on. I didn't get the epi with him but wish I had. With my second I opted for the epidural and it hurt so bad going in and took about 30 mins to place in my back. I joked around after the birth that the epi was worse than the contractions. Then it only numbed me on my right side so I felt everything on the left still so I was skeptical the third time around to get the epi but I did anyway and it didn't hurt getting it at all and worked great. I had such a relaxed labor this time around the epi was wonderful. The epidural is the way to go if you ask me, I had a bad experience with it the first time but I think it was the guy who put it in, not the epidural. The Iv meds just made me so tired and unaware of things, I didn't like that. Contractions hurt really bad but they are manageable, just stay relaxed and it will be much better. The more you tense during them the worse they hurt. The pushing was the hardest part for me. I watch the baby story on discovery health channel and some of those women barely have to push.I hope you are one of those women, because I pushed so hard for a long time with all 3 of my babies, it was the worse of it all. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful healthy delivery!


debbie80 - February 8

Kate- I am a first time mom...I had my daughter on 8/16 and let me tell you...I still remember my entire pregnancy and birth like it was yesterday lol my water broke around 12am and off to the hospital I went....when I got there I was already 5cm dilated...but I just had to wait and wait and wait some more until I was 10cm..which was at 3pm...I had a rough labour, I will not like. I did get the epi and was afraid of it going in my back because I am addicted to watching The Baby Story lol so I knew what to expect...but to me it just felt like a bad bee sting..they would not allow my husband in the room..only my nurse and dr to put in it....when it came time to push...the first hour was just trying to get her down and then the second hour, yes, I said the second hour lol she turned so I had to keep pushing in certain directions...after about 2.5hrs she was here..let me tell you...the last 5minutes was the worse because all I felt was this god awful pressue when she was starting to come out..but it wasnt bad...however, I did have a bad reaction to the epi...I had 103 fever and my face just fat! I swear I looked like a different person in the recovery was horriable!! That was more worse than labour itself lol..I am only 5'0 110lbs so to push a 7.12 baby body was in shock..but just remember...EVERY pregnancy is different! In my family we had 5 babies born all with in 8 weeks apart and they all pushed for like 30 minutes and their recovery was fine..go figure lol...I wish you all the best! Once you see your little one, all your pain really goes away...


Mrs.Ireland - February 8

Hi Kate- The epidural was wonderful. Really the only side affect that I got was that I felt cold and I got the chills, other then that, it was great!!!! Good Luck


Mrs.Ireland - February 8

oh, also, I didn't feel a think when the put the epidural in my back :-)


kate_ - February 9

thanks everyone for your answers. i definitely feel a bit more at ease. i would like to try to do it without pain meds., but i dont know how realistic that is! also, i have a low-lying placenta, so i may end up with a c-section anyway... i have an ultrasound on monday to check the placentas position. hopefully it has moved up, but if not, i guess i wont have to worry about natural childbirth. congrats to everyone on your new babies!!!


keziah - February 9

kate, i had my first on12/12 and had him at a birthing clinic, i had no meds but i did have a water birth and i would do it the same all over again, it was a great experiance, but everyones pain tolerance is differant and for me since it was in a birthing clinic there are no meds so you don;t even think about them, for me i just stayed focused on what needed to be done to get my baby out. and i really think the tub helps so much with the contractions. i would so go natural all over again. good luck with your labor


kristine - February 10

Hello and congrats! I had my first baby in May. I woke up around 5:00 am and had to use the bathroom. While I was in there I noticed a little bit of bleeding (it was 3 days after my due date). I decided to get up and walk around and see if anything was happening. I started to get some cramps, and then all of a sudden they were coming faster and faster. I decided to take a shower just in case. While I was in the shower the crampy feeling got very close together so when I got out I called the doctor (around 6:30 am). She said that since it was a full moon the hospital was very busy with moms having babies and since it was my first I would probably be in labor a long time, to wait until the office opened at 9:00 and go in and get checked, but if I got really unbearable to come into the hospital. Well, I made it to 7:30 am and was in so much pain that I told my husband there was no way I could make it until 9:00 and we were going to go to the hospital. I got there around 8:00 and they checked me......7 centimeters. I quickly jumped to the top of there list! I had to deliver in the operating room because there were no birthing rooms left!! I delivered at 10:18 am with no meds.....there was no time for them. They like to get one bag of fluid through you first, but even as they were giving me the IV for this, by body was starting to push. My advice would be to go in with an open mind. If my labor had been very long, I'm sure I would have been screaming for an epi. I will say that not being on meds, you really know when to push...your body kind of just does it for you. It was very painful while I was going through it, but when he was born it was all worth it. I think next time I will try to go natural as well. Good luck with whatever you decide!


jenna32 - February 11

I had epidural, the only thing ihad was quite a bit of dizziness before i gave birth but it was a godsent! is this your first? If you're not 100% set on a natural birth i doubt many people can go through with it! i barely felt the epidural and it was soooooo much better. But i barely felt contractions up until the point when they broke my water it started hurting bad( can't think of a worse enough word to describe it,lol) and at the last min i could still get a epidural they gave me one.Natural is great but rou don't have to be a hero so don't feel bad if you take anything,the bigger side effects are rare they say.


Iamamiracleangel - February 11

Hey Kate, I was also afraid to go through labor with pain meds. I didn't want to be drugged up when my baby came out and I wanted him to be alert also. I ended up taking Fentenol at around 5 cm, then eventually got an epidural at 6.5 cm. The Fentenol ( an IV pain med ) worked the first round, the 2nd round did NOT help at all. The epidural didn't hurt at all going in, I'm a bigger girl, so there were more risks with an epidural and I didn't have any of them. The only problem I had is that the epidural seemed to not really work during the transition phase. I could feel the contractions so badly that I had chills, goosebumps and what not. My baby also had a 15 in head, lol, so pain was inevitable. I said that I would NOT take pain meds, but I am sure glad that I did! I didn't have any problems with the meds afterwords either... About an hr after giving birth, I was fine to move around-take a shower, go to the bathroom and what not. Congrats! I packed my bag the night before I was to be induced at 38 wks.


margie - February 11

well, my suggestion is to keep an open mind to what you would and wouldn't do during labor...I was totally set on a natural birth and ended up with an epidural because i had to have internal monitors and a tube flowing fluids up into my uterus to clean out my baby since she had meconium in the womb. The pain for me was too much too handle especially with all that up there I couldn't move around at all, just on my left side. I had no sleep the night before from laboring and I just think that I wouldn't have been able to have enough fight left in me to make it to push, I had the epidural and although I did have a lot of shaking after the birth, the feeling came back pretty quick and I didn't throw up. I will say that it is soooo true that you dont remember what the pain feels like after you have your child, you know it hurts but you cant remember the actual feeling. The pushing for me was the biggest high I'd felt in my entire life, it was an amazing out of body feeling experience, I describe it as the closest to God I have ever felt...amazing. Just be educated on all of the different methods of pain relief and do NOT feel bad if you need to use any of them. As my doctor said when I was laying there crying because I didnt want to give up on the natural birth "its not marine corp boot camp, its childbirth" in other words, if you truly truly truly cant handle it, your birth will go quicker and smoother once you can relax with the pain meds. Good luck and enjoy! Childbirth is an amazing experience :-)


Justine1 - February 14

My first labour was induced and my second was a water birth - the water birth was so much better, they were similar in pain terms. My induced labour took 3 days to work and I eventually had an epidural which made me very ill (I was unlucky) and I needed emergency doctors as I kept going unconscious from it. The epidural did very little for the pain either for me but for most people its fine. I often react a lot to drugs so that maybe why. For my second I wanted to have a water birth as I didn't want an epidural again. I much preferred the water birth and would recommend that - you have to go to 5cm by yourself or with gas and air. The baby seemed very happy too with it. Hope it all goes well. I'ld pack a hospital bag before 36 weeks.



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