Pampers Baby Dry

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C - May 31

I bought a box of the baby dry Pampers and they had stretchy velcro tabs instead of the sticky/tape tabs. I bought another box and they are back to the normal sticky tabs. I'm not sure if I got a defective box or if they are switching their baby dry to the stretchy velcro tabs. I actually prefer the old way for nighttime.


Kel - May 31

Huh, weird. I have bought a couple boxes of the baby dry and they always have the sticky tabs. I was used to the velcro ones cause I was using the swaddlers. I do remember that when I was using the swaddlers it was like sometimes I would get a box with yellow tabs and sometimes the tabs would be yellow. Then sometimes the insides of the diaper would be just normal looking and other times I would get that like dry lock (not sure if that is what its called) by it would be all criss crossed inside. (kinda of looked like lattice). Sounds like pampers just like to do their own thing.


HannahBaby - May 31

I actually called pampers about this and they said that they are phasing out the sticky tapes with the velcro and that some stores have all old, some have all new, and some have a mixture, but eventually they will all be velcro tabs


Bonnie - May 31

I've only had velcro, lol.


Cat - June 1

I've noticed this too, was starting to wonder if the lack of sleep was getting to me more than I thought. :)


littlemama1022 - June 1

I use Pampers Baby dry and they used to be sticky tabs but here recently, the last 4-5 packs I bought were all stretchy velcro tabs. I like the new style because my DD is 19 months old and they stretch with her, I just didn't like the cruisers and Huggies always leaked at night with her.Some stores wtill have the sticky tabs, it just depends on where you go and if they have gotten them in stock yet. wal mart is the place I buy diapers, and Food Lion still don't have the new kind.



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