Pampers Cruisers Vs Baby Dry What S The Difference

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Erynn21 - January 28

To all you Pampers users, what is the difference in leakage protection of Cruisers vs. Baby Dry, I'm just curious because Baby Dry has 20 more diapers per case and I am wondering other than then liner what the difference is. I like the Cruisers, but the Baby Dry are the same price for more, I just thought I'd see what you think. Thanks.


Bonnie - January 28

Baby Dry are nighttime diapers. And Mason won't make it through the night on Cruisers. Cruiser are mroe stretchy than Baby Dry (even with the new stretch tabs). I mostly use Baby Dry all day mainly due to price and the amount of diapers inthe box. I PREFER the fit of Cruisers during the day so if I see a good deal then I will buy a box.


Erin1979 - January 28

For me it is the exact opposite to Bonnie. Cate always leaked through the baby dry. The cruisers are the only ones that wouldn't leak. I find they have a snugger fit, and move with her way better than the baby dry. The crusiers are also more absorbant....I think that's why they don't leak at night for her. Generally, when there is less in a bag/box, it means they are more absorbant, and they feel that you shouldn't have to change them as often.


Danielle19 - January 28

I think the babydry leak more i use both, but have never had a leak with the cruisers day or night


Mommy_to_be - January 28

The pampers baby dry leaked every where the first time I used them so I gave them to a woman who was expecting. They didn't work for my dd but every baby is shaped differently and it will depend how each diaper fits your lo's body.


mcatherine - January 28

When we outfgrew Swaddlers - we tried Baby Dry first and they leaked too much. We switched to Crusiers and haven't had a leak yet.


Cabbie - January 28

We stopped using baby dry really early and switched to swaddlers then cruisers because the baby dry leaked so bad (changing sheets almost every day). We only had that problem with the cruisers/swaddlers whenever he was outgrowing them.


ssmith - January 28

I never put dd to bed in Pamper's Cruisers.....but I know that when she wore them during the day, they felt quite damp next to her skin. They weren't even that heavy (wet). However, she wears Pamper's BabyDry to bed.....and those suckers must weigh about 3 lbs by morning, and the top sheet is almost completely dry! I LOVE Pamper's BabyDry, they are my favorite's so far....


Bonnie - January 28

How odd that the baby dry leak for some and not others. They are actually meant to be Pamper's night time diaper. For those that baby dry leaked for, did you have girls? Mason is a boy and the cruisers leak like mad at night.


Angiconda - January 28

I personally like the cruisers WAY better then the baby dry but I don't know the difference other then that I did not care for the baby dry



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