Parent S Choice Diapers Are The BEST

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S - June 2

These diapers are at Wal-Mart and work so very well!! After using LUVS and Huggies etc, I was in a crunch one week and went to wal-mart and purchased the Parent's Choice brand. They were $5.99 and BY FAR THE BEST BUY FOR YOUR MONEY! I have been using them for months now. They work great (just as good as the others) and are affordable! Has anyone tried the Wal-Mart brand formula?


Kel - June 2

S - what diapers were you using before - which brand would you compare them too? My doctor told me almost all formuals have the same ingredients so if you find a cheaper one, go for it. Just make sure you change gradually as changing any formula can upset their tummies and it might take a couple of weeks for everything to calm.


Amy_mommy - June 2



JEN - June 2

Hey S- most of the generic formulas have a chart on the label that shows a side by side comparison of their formula to the top brands ( usually enfamil and similac). My ds eats enfamil gentlease, so there is not a generic for that, but if there was I would absolutely try it. Good luck!


Shanna - June 2

We use these and I love them. Tried Huggies I think, only because someone bought them as a gift and they leaked.


tracyg - June 2

I use the Parent's Choice diapers, and formula. They work GREAT!!! My little angel has not had any trouble out of the formula at all! I recommend it!!! it is $12.88 for 32 oz.


ashtynsmom - June 2

Yes, I use the Parent's Choice Formula. My daughter is on soy, and she actually prefered this to the Enfamil I had her on originally. It does not constipate her like the Enfamil did. We also use the diapers. Also...most store brands are made by the same company, so you can switch up if one is cheaper. I recently bought some "Members Mark" brand from Sam's Club- even cheaper than Wal-Mart- and it is the same stuff.


S - June 5

just a hint for u guys...My dd is in a size 3 right now...but before I put her to bed at night I put her in a 4. She never leaks....I'm going to get the parents choice formula today....hope she does well on it.


Dani aka Kamries mommy - June 5

I too like the parents choice diapers. I was using pampers also and really like them but these are so much cheaper. The only problem I have found is that I have to but them one size bigger in the parents choice then I do in pampers. I also love the parents choice wipes. They are very thick. I got some huggies wipes from my shower and these ones are by far much better.



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