Parent S Choice Formula Is NASTY

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Naricissus - August 30

So, I broke down and purchased one can, thinking, "hey, this price is cheap!". I also bought some cans of the usual Enfamil Lipil. The Parent's Choice brand has the same ingredients as Enfamil and Similac, but I forgot to compare the levels of DHA/ARA as well as minerals/vitamins. You get significantly less DHA/ARA and V/M with the Parents Choice brand. I forgot to compare that portion of the can against Enfamil, at the store. Also, Parents Choice is yellow and has the texture of cornmeal. It is nasty, in my opinion. I plan to throw the can away. I am bummed b/c formula is pricey. Just wanted to spare some of you from making the same mistake, if I could.


K - August 30

Formula wouldn't be formula if it wasn't. I'm sure there have been lots of babies who strive off of Parents Choice and are fine in life. I'm sure Parents Choice brand is cheap because...well like you said, it's gross haha. Maybe to save you money, combine formulas together. Start your child off slowly with the stuff he/she uses now and mix in the other stuff. Thats what I'm doing right now but thats only because we're switchin to a new lesser calorie formula. My son drinks 8 ounces so I mix two scoops of his formula with two scoops of his new formula. It seems to work out and we're saving money since his new formula is cheaper. Good luck, at least you tried the stuff, thats what bein a parent is all about...trying to new things and experimenting hehe! Thanks for the info, I'll steer clear of Parents Choice.


Narcissus - August 30

I did plan to mix the two together, but I feel awful giving him that stuff, in any amount. The texture/color is what has me so grossed out. I am worried he will not be able to break the proteins down as easily as he can with the Enfamil. It has a gritty feel to it. You are right, at least I gave it a chance. Too bad the Walton's made a buck off me, again... And, they overcharged me by $4. Didn't see that until I got home, either. LMAO... I think?


Jen - August 30

You know you can probably return that stuff. It's baby formula...they won't argue with you there.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 30

This doesnt have anything to do with the Parents Choice formula (I also think it is very NASTY) but have you signed up on Enfamils website? We signed up and so far they have sent 2 12.9oz cans and lots of coupons for like $5 off. I know that Similac sends formula also (we actually have some Similac formula but Amaya uses Enfamil.


Narcissus - August 30

I signed up with Enfamil a month ago and still have not recieved anything. I recieved Similac formula when I was pregnant but Aja did not like it. How long did it take Enfamil to send the samples to you?


K - August 30

I forgot to include in my first can also ask your pediatrician for samples of formula, I'm pretty sure they recieve lots of them and it might help you with expenses. Best of luck!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 30

Well we signed up and then about a month or month and a half later recieved them. Also, I signed my mom up too and she got hers like 2 weeks later. You can always call them and ask if they can get you some samples in the mail right away. Also at every docs appt ask for samples! One other thing, we bought some off of ebay. I know people say that is bad, but we checked it out very good, and thought about it, if someone was going to do something to the sealed can, they can just as easily do it to the cans at the store and return them. Anyway, that is what we did!


Jamie - August 30

LOL, make it sound like you poisoned the formula and returned it to the store...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 30

Thats not what I did, but we have bought formula off of Ebay before and everyone yelled at me for doing so. All I was saying is that there really isnt a difference. If someone is going to tamper with cans they will do it everywhere. Thats all!


Narcissus - August 30

I checked out the formula on eBay and it looks like all the "free samples" are being sold.


lol - August 30

that's f@cked up! I have samples to they keep sending "checks" for $2, $4, and now $8 off of the enfamil. The $8 is for their new cow's milk alternative, which is quite nasty too.


Jbear - September 5

I always used Parent's Choice with my first daughter. It seemed to give her less gas, and it smelled better than Enfamil. Also I could afford it and I couldn't afford Enfamil, so that helped me decide. It's always been that yellow color and a little clumpier than Enfamil, but it mixed better, in my experience.


s - September 5

It may look nasty but it shakes up just fine. And when the baby starts solids they are also getting vitamins and minerals in other places so if there is less of something so be it and My babys doctor has said great things about parants choice.


lol - September 5

I did a taste test comparison on several brands PC was oiler and nastier than them all. Similac was just ahead of it, so I am not talking just color and smell. PC smells the worst too like some kind of plastic residue. Overall just wasn't appealing to me but I understand $$ issues. I am sure its just as good as the others, but that is how I decided which I would give my bub.


Narcissus - September 5

I returned it to Walmart today. The employee asked me, "what is wrong with it?", and I said, "it's nasty". Money was refunded but I got a dirty look. Oh well...That is better than wasting $14 and/or feeding that to my baby.


Nasty Mom - September 6

Well, my two sons were fed PC formula. I guess I have nasty babies....



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