Parent S Choice Formula Is NASTY

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Nasty Mom - September 6

Well, my two sons were fed PC formula. I guess I have nasty babies....


Stephanie - September 6

Hey! Are you on WIC? Have you looked into getting signed up. Where we live, you can make alot of money and still qualify (they are trying to get people signed up so they dont lose it) We get 9 cans a month and only have to buy like maybe 1 or 2 additional cans!


S - September 6

There is nothing wrong with the pc brand. I know a lot of other mothers with babies around the age of mine I have also seen what several brands look like no two are alike in color or texture and actually PC has more of over half the vitamins and minerals and the same of most of the remaining half. and it isnt greasy try a new dish soap its called residue


JBear - September 7

Don't know about any other areas, but I live in South TX and I went to walmart yesterday to buy my parent's choice formula and all they had was an empty space on the shelf and a sign that their supplies had been diverted to help the hurricaine victims. I'm glad they're helping them, but I still need to feed my baby.


lol - September 7

Why are some of you actually p__sed off because I and some others don't like PC? So p__sed off that you would question my cleaning abilities, how childish is that! Maybe this will help you feel better about the choices you and I have made. There are no generic infant formulas because the FDA determines which nutrients must be included in all infant formulas. They also determine the minimum or maximum levels of these nutrients. The differences among infant formulas are price, the type of fat used, AND personal preference. We all have personal preferences. This is mine. The c___p is oily out of the can, smells repulsive, and no I would not even give to an animal (my kitty) because I believe it's nasty! If you do like it great for you! If I don't, great for you too as it has no effect on what you will feed your baby. Happy parenting!


! - September 7

This is rediculous! Who cares.... If you want to pay more money to feel as though you are doing something better for your children, be my guest! By the way, any other childrens clothing but prada and gucci, are nasty. Any other shoes but diesel shoes, are nasty...yada, yada, yada


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 7

It seems like it doesnt matter what you change your name to they are going to bash you! I am completely on board with the pc being nasty. Just like the pc diapers leak and smell bad! Anyway, I understand where you are coming from.


kendal - September 7

My son thrives on Parents Choice formula. All formulas are nasty. I am not saying it is the best. I am just saying that I tried them all and it is the same texture and smell as all the others. My son spits up the least with this brand. Every one is different and every baby is different. I just had to reply because you just sound like a five year old describing a bug or something.


kendal - September 7

I think there are a couple of people on this board who I can not event believe are mothers they sound like children themselves. Good Luck to you and your children.


to Kendall - September 7

Did you taste it?


My opinion - September 8

Did anyone ever consider b___stfeeding? It is free and it has all the vitamins needed. I work full time and still b___stfeed by expressing milk while on my break. I don't make a lot of money so this was the best decision for me. I didn't want to use WIC. I don't think tax payers should be taking care of my baby. This is to late for the Mommy's here now but maybe in the future you would consider it.


@}--(---- - September 8

I did b___st feed for a while and later had to give my baby formula while I was a certain perscripion, when the perscription was done my daughter wouldnt nurse again i did use enfamil at first but she spits up less with pc. And according to a relative of mine pc is the highest rated generic brand in the nation on one of the charts she got it was even higher rated than both enfamil and similac. So what if you dont like the texture or the smell if you baby eats it it is great.... and now pc has 2step formula which is great for babies starting solids and its only a dollar more


:) - September 8

Saying pc formula sucks is like saying that thier version of pedialite sucks and that all their cups, bottles and other produts suck and that any brand of baby food other than gerber sucks just becouse it isnt name brand. I have found that the pc formula in regular or 2nd are best for my baby I have also found that delmonte baby food is better than gerber becouse it has absolutly no preserveatives. and it is cheaper. If the baby eats it and is healty at all of their checkps like my baby is why not buy the cheaper brands you can use the savings to start a college fund or something


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 8

She didnt say PC sucks, she said the formula did. So far, I havent found anything that is pc that I like. We use enfamil, playtex bottles, pampers and huggies diapers, etc. My daughter has clothes from walmart, and she wears them and they are fine, she has toys from there and they are fine, but when it comes to the things like formula then you are going to go with what you think is best for your baby. I personally hate gerber rice cereal. I really like beachnut. The only place that sells that around here is a discount grocery store. Just because someone doesnt like something doesnt mean they think everything made by that company is bad. I stand behind her 100% on this one. I have never tasted pc formula, but I have seen it and it leaves a oily residue on the bottle, where enfamil doesnt.


Jadyns Mommy - September 8

Since Jadyn has so many "pooping" issues, the Dr had recommended going with one that has a lower amount of iron. We were feeding her Enfamil ProSobee that had 1.8 but I didnt want to go to one of the Low Iron mixes because that was as low as .07 and I felt that she still needed more than that. I found one called Bright Beginnings that had 1.2 so we decided to try that and it worked great. Then we found that the same company that makes Bright Beginnings also makes Wal-Marts PC as well as the Target, Albertsons and Kroger brand called Wyeth Nutritional and they are all virtually the same mixture so we have been buying the PC brand for her and she hasnt had any problems, she seems to actually like it more than the Enfamil (plus her poop is no longer bright green). My dad actually was bold enough to do a taste test, he felt it was only fair that if we were going to make her eat it, that he should know what it tastes like too. His final scientific conclusion? They both taste like c___p and he couldnt tell the difference between them :-)


Jill - September 8

Parents Choice is cheap because they don't spend their money on marketing and "free" samples.



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