Parent S Choice Formula Is NASTY

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q - October 5

im not from madison, im from a little town near Green Bay there is a woodmans there


Jadyns Mommy - October 5

Narcissus and q.....I grew up in WI as well. Very small hicktown called Sheboygan :-) I say I will never go back but sometimes I sure do miss the midwest.


q - October 6

i also agree woodmans is great they have awsome prices i have been able to buy enought jars of baby food to las my little one for 2 wks. for about 15$ not all of it is gerber but she likes it just as good


amytheshort - May 22

my son and daughter have both used parent's choice with lipil and they have done very well with the formula. I did compair the label and I did research on the other store brand formulas as well and found this formula to be the best store brand formula on the market so far. to the person complaining about the formula being gritty and saying ti ti s gross. Well let me tell you that from time to time I have bought the compairable enfamil formula for my children and found they drink the Parent's Choice much better. My daughter looks as if she likes the taste better. I am very pleased that Wal~Mart offers a formula that Parent can afford.


HannahBaby - May 22

this thread is from 2 years ago dear


ash2 - May 22

Who the heck bumped this up ?? lol


BabyDaddy - November 27

I know this post is pretty old but I just read it today, so I will comment for those that may read it tomorrow. My first daughter was brought up on Enfamil and my 9 month old daughter on PC. Needless to say they are both still alive and kicking. On mixing formulas it is my opinion that is not as safe as it sounds. For instance,yesterday the FDA reported that tests found trace amounts of melamine in Enfomil Lipil. By itself in such low amounts "should" be harmless. They also found trace amounts of cyanuric acid in Nestlé's Good Start, by itself also OK. Mixed together those are the same contaminants (in lower levels) that were the cause of the pet food recall last year which our family dog died from due to kidney failure. This makes me very nervous. PC was tested and no traces of either were found. As far as NASY goes, the other day I caught my 9 month old licking the bottom of a shoe like it was a lollipop, she seemed to like it just fine, she cried when I took it away, then I started thinking about all the time I spend sterilizing her bottles, hehe. Anyway, no answers are wrong and kudos to those reading this as you are doing your research and you can't ask for more than that. And on those cheap diapers, I use White Cloud "because" they sometimes leak and smell bad. She gets changed more often and I can smell a poop right away. Happy parenting.


jenna32 - November 28

you get what you pay for probably. unless of course you are b___stfeeding cuz it's free lol.


libertyl1 - December 3

I just had to add my thoughts as a Mom of 3 and one on the way and a former WIC Educator. Almost 80 percent of American families qualify for WIC. It is not just for the "poor" and the main goal of WIC is not even to give away free formula and food. It is a children's nutrition program designed to educate parents about what is best for their babies. You would be surprised the number of new Moms (and sometimes Dads) who don't have a clue how to feed their babies. Just look at the message boards and you will see numerous questions on the proper amount and types of food they should feed their baby. When to start solids, when to wean, how do I get my baby to eat solids....what do you mean I can't just give my baby juice and fruit baby food? The program actually is designed so children will be healthier and thus make fewer trips to doctor's offices which will cost tax payers also. WIC also receives major discounts from the formula manufacturer's for using their products in the program. The program is definately not only for welfare recipients. The cla__ses, advice and support are beneficial to any new parent with questions.


smewing2009 - August 17

As for a taste test, are your taste buds bad? parents choice is wonderful. I gave that to my now one year old and he slept soundly through the night, his gas problems went RIGHT away. I think the other brands are disgusting. Especially Good start, GROSS!! its water, you may as well not feed your child. I'm due for our second bundle of joy march 18th and you better believe thats all I will use. Its not the cost (though the price is great) that made up my mind because I could afford the more expensive brands if needed, but its 100% unneeded. I'll stick with my parents choice for my babies. My son is in his 50th percentile in weight, and healthy as a horse. No one can change my mind when I say that Parents choice is the BEST.


ashley1991 - October 24

i have a question, my baby is on PC but hes only 3 weeks and hes trying to drink 6 ouce's a feeding do you possibly think hes not geting full off of this formula? and can someone respond who knows what their talking about..thanks


daycaremommy - October 12

Oh, please. Don't be one of those parents who thinks they're depriving their child by feeding them a generic brand of formula. You may think it's nasty, but ALL formulas are nasty, and I guarantee your baby doesn't care. All the baby cares about is being fed. Why is it that so many people think Similac and Enfamil are so much better than Parent's Choice? It's because everyone tells you to think that; you're buying into the name brand. You are exactly the type of consumer those companies are trying to target with their advertising. Even if you can afford to spend the extra $10+ on a name brand formula, I think you're an absolute fool if you do so, because that extra money you're spending isn't going for a more quality formula, it's going towards the name. You may think it's nasty because the smell and texture is different, but trust me, you're baby's not noticing a thing! Babies aren't picky eaters.


mommyoftwincesses - March 5

Don't beleive any of the bad comments about Parents choice formula. I have 5 children and 4 of them used PC. Most recently My husband and I had twins and I use PC formula for them. Actually, I noticed that the Similac gave them horrible gas, there is also a slight differance from the powdered in a can to the powdered in a plastic container and the liquid. Everytime I opened a new can or container of Similac it made their bowl movements a different color. And not to mention harder to pa__s.. How about a little consistancy Similac.. Even with the 5 dollar coupons they send I still get more formula for cheaper from the PC. All baby formulas have to go through the same process and testing before they hit the shelf. PC Formula is just fine. And for those of us who actually have to PURCHASE all of our own formula it is a great alternative. Personally I'd rather save the 10 bucks every can and take my kids on a Disney vacation! lol Which do you think they would remember more? Drinking generic formula or a trip to Disney? It's a no brainer..



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