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Jennifer - February 18

OK - Tonight I took my dd who is 7 weeks to a family party with tons of people. Nobody really held her because she screamed the whole night. She was overtired and she was just fussy the whole time. I was so excited but nervous at the same time to take her because she is so fussy that I didn't want her to act the way she did. I am so upset that I didn't even let my parents hold her. I finally got her to sleep but that was after two hours of screaming upstairs in my aunts room. I am so scared to even take her out to a restraunt because of it. My ped does not offer any help at all. She has been getting better at home but boy I felt horrible tonight. We had to leave the party early and I just talked to my cousin and it sounds like everyone is still there having a great time and my dd is now sleeping in her car seat still. I just don't know why she acted like that. I was excited that everyone would see her and say how cute she was but instead I spent the entire evening up in a bedroom by myself. I could not just put her in the car and go home because it was like a 45 min drive and it is really cold outside. I am glad that she slept the whole way home but I am just so upset that she was so upset the whole time we were there. Any advice on what to do the next time I go to a family party which happens to be tomorrow afternoon?


cd - February 19

maybe it was too much for her...i have read that some babies are easily over stimulated?? otherwise i guess maybe try to make sure she is fed, changed, and not tired before you go? also maybe start taking her to places like the grocery store, and maybe the mall, for short periods of time, and that might get her used to all the commotion? i have been taking my dd out since i got the okay from her ped. @3 weeks, she is now going on 9, and she seems to tolerate situations where there are alot of people around pretty well....i hope this helps...good luck tomorrow.


jessb - February 19

Jennifer, that sucks. I am fearing the same thing. We have a family get together tonight and I hope she is not fussy. Just remember that your family knows that these things happen with a newborn. Sometimes they are fussy. There will be other get togethers and Im sure she wont be fussy at all of them. Good luck.


sj - February 19

You r not alone. My ds is 5mos and acts the same way he's been that way since he was about 8wks old...very fussy and only wants momma to hold him.. only advice is to keep going to parties she will eventually adjust. it can get very frustrating...just hang in there..I come from a family of 8 siblings always noisy, not sure where my baby picked up his ways from :-)


Jennifer - February 19

Thanks for all the support. We went to a party today and she slept all day. It was nice except for the fact that I coul dnot put her down. She wanted me or my husband to hold her. We tried to put her downa nd she woke up. Thanks for the advice and support everyone!


Nick - February 20

My son has some really bad days when we visit , but I continue to bring him everywhere. My sister is afraid and leaves her daughter with her husband or a family member. I think if he cries, people will understand. That does not bother me because I know it is normal for a baby to cry.


MichelleB - February 20

I went through almost the exact same party! 2 hours of crying, we were an hour away from home planning on staying the night, but had to leave because he was so upset. Well I went on another weekend trip this weekend, and he was an angel. Only tip is to keep them on their schedule for naps and feedings, and its true about noice and overstimulation. I know you cannot ask everyone to be quiet, but you could sit in another room and have people come to you while your baby adjusts. It beats beingalone in the bedroom!


KrisD - February 20

If it makes you feel any better - for us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was a disaster!!! I've never been very "post-partum" but I sat and sobbed Christmas Day it was so bad! Then we had an all-day party to go to a few weeks later and he was a dream!! It just keeps getting better. Now he is 5.5 months and just more predictable. They are so unprdictable at 7 weeks. I remember seeing a great change at 8 weeks and then another great change at 12. It's like every month gets easier! And don't worry about the crying... When I brought him to work to visit, he started crying after about an hour and everyone loved it (but me!) - people DO expect an infant to cry!



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